How to Build a Marketing Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels (Short Guide)

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If you do not know the correct method of building a marketing sales funnel with the help of ClickFunnels, then simply check out this short guide. This whole explanation is going to tell you how to make the best and effective marketing sales funnel.

The best kind of sales funnels helps you in getting prospective customers. In the current times of fierce competition, you have to make your sales funnel up to the mark.

This task is possible and easy to do if you use ClickFunnels. There are certain stages that are involved in making ideal marketing sales funnel and this short guide can further elaborate on this topic.

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Steps to Build Marketing Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels

Before you jump on the steps on making a marketing funnel, you should know how we define it! 

Most importantly, a marketing funnel acts in the form of breaking down the customer journey right from the “awareness” stage to the “purchase” stage.

In this funnel, you can even be including the post-purchase follow-ups so that you can increase the retention ratio of your audience.

Besides, in this funnel type, you have to get maximum traffic to your website and try to create and come up with SEO-friendly content.

You need to publish white papers and keep on getting backlinks. As your leads will start to show progress through your designed sales funnel, then you will witness that your outreach methods and procedures will become more and more personalized.

Now, you can see the required details and if you have any questions on this marketing sales funnel creation process, then you can let us know and convey to us any time:

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Stage 1: Properly Define What You Are Going To Offer To Your Customers

This is the very first stage that you have to meet when making marketing sales funnel. It is to clearly define what you are going to exactly offer to your customers.

You have to define and explain every single aspect to your customers. Furthermore, inform your audience how they are going to move through your marketing funnel.

When using ClickFunnels while making a basic marketing funnel, keep your goals all clear! You should be able to finalize and plan regarding how you are going to connect each of the subsequent offers right within your funnel.

Make use of your designed lower-tiered offers so that you can prepare your customers to make the best and fullest use of your product.

Come up with a clear and defined blueprint in place and explain to your customers about your value offering.

Stage 2: Remain Focused Concerning How Your Target Audience Is Going To Enter Into Your Sales Funnel Zone

In your marketing sales funnel zones, there will not be an equal amount of audience traffic. You need to plan out how your audience will be entering into your sales funnel section.

Moreover, you should avoid attracting poor-quality prospects. Look for the details of what your high-value prospects usually and generally search for.

You should hunt for information on what kind of social networks are used by your audience and what kind of free and low-cost offers they like.

Meet and interact with your audience so that you can get an idea of where they are and what is the proper way to get them into your funnel.

Stage 3: Design Lead Magnet Offers

In the third stage, you have to design lead magnet offers to your audience. This is an important step if you are making a marketing sales funnel with ClickFunnels.

Here you put up a low-risk offer in front of your customers so that they can remain hooked up to your offered product or service. In addition, these low-risk offers to help you in engaging your audience on further notes.

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This offer can be in the form and version of the free content of webinars or product samples and email sequence.

Or you can opt for the approach of giving break-even offers to your audience. This way, they can remain constantly engaged and ready to move further step forward onto your sales funnel.

Besides, in this same stage, you can funnel out all those prospects that do not look appealing to you. 

Stage 4: Give A Low Price As Well As Low-Risk Offer To Your New Customers

So, in this stage of making a marketing sales funnel with ClickFunnels, you have to design low price as well as low-risk offer to all of your new customers.

Make efforts to solve and manage all of their surface-level issues with the aspect of minimal investment.

As soon as your prospective customers are going to accept your bait offer, then send and direct them to your landing page or to your squeeze page.

It is on the landing page or squeeze-page that can showcase and exhibit your “leveled” premium offer right to your audience.

This practice is generally called with the name of funnel stacking. In addition, your stakes are going to become a bit higher when your business reaches these marketing sales funnel stages.

Make attempts so that your audience shows interest in your premium product. You have to keep up and retain their attention level.

Try to effectively communicate regarding the true and genuine value of your offers.

Stage 5: Give Irresistible Offers

Right there in this stage, you need to start giving irresistible offers to your audience. This is a valuable and intensive process that you have to carry out.

Furthermore, prepare your audience in a way that they show the highest interest in your high-price products or services.

While moving on this value ladder, you can either upsell or downsell your services. Like, upselling involves higher cost as compared to your front end offer and downselling involves low cost.

Once your customer confirms his or her order, then you have to give him an upsell offer so that the value of your order can further get increased.

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Stage 6: Giving Backend Offers

The whole goal and purpose of making marketing sales funnels with ClickFunnels are to tie and connect each of your “mini funnels” completely and wholly together so that you can make an overarching and effective sales funnel.

In this last stage, you have to give backend offers to your brand’s new customers and transform them into high-value patrons.

Convince your customers that they should move onto the next ladder and level of your sales funnels.

You can push them that moving from one ladder scale to another will give them the best experience of your products or services.

You need to avoid pushing your audience heavy-handedly and simply make efforts to keep them engaged for a long time with your brand.

These backend offers come in the form of giving personalized content to your audience. This way, your customers will be able to get the absolute most out of your products.

You can deliver them with high-quality and top-notch customer service and also support. Furthermore, guide your audience all from onboarding to troubleshooting.

Moreover, you should give them added value and higher-tiered service. Make a strong community with your audience and this may help you in growing your business.

Lastly, you have to make this thing to assure your audience that you highly care for them. Tell them how much concerned you are!

As customers and your target audience invest their money into your product, that is why you should give them value!


So, what’s the bottom line? This is the basic guide on how to build and make a marketing sales funnel with the help and assistance of ClickFunnels.

We know that this software is a top-notch platform and it makes effective sales funnels for business professionals and entrepreneurs.

You can use this software and design the top and premium marketing sales funnel. Do not forget to share your experience with us if you use ClickFunnels and keep tuned and in touch with us.