The idea that the internet has been “killed” by the IoT isn’t true. Although traditional internet technologies, such as email and web pages, have not been completely killed, their importance has certainly declined. There is still a great deal of use for these technologies in the real world. Email and web pages remain vital to many people’s everyday lives. However, there are other areas in which the internet is having an impact, and we shall look at some of these later on!

One area that the internet has had a profound effect on is tourism. Tourism is one industry that cannot be ignored by any government. In the past, tourism relied upon postal codes and regional boundaries to determine prices and services offered. In the age of the internet, people can simply choose to travel where they want to go rather than being limited by physical boundaries.

This can be seen in how the internet has affected travel through other means. For example, the use of hotel room key cards has decreased significantly, since the internet has provided devices that enable guests to use a smartphone or other mobile device to gain access to their rooms. Other devices used in the hospitality industry include smart phones and tablet computers. The main difference between these devices and a hotel room keypad is that the internet enabled devices can be accessed from any location, whereas a hotel room keypad must be held at a specific location.

How does this impact tourism? In the tourism industry, the internet is viewed as the main tool for communication. With internet access is becoming more widely available, it is now possible for a traveller to contact another person halfway around the world. It also provides opportunities for international business, which is booming thanks to the growing connectivity of the internet. With this in mind, it would be easy to see how the internet has an impact on tourism. Given this importance of the internet in the tourism industry, it may seem strange to think that it could have an impact on how IOT devices are used, but it has.

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The tourism industry is booming due to international trade, which is facilitated by modern infrastructure such as airports and railways. However, it is the interaction between people that make these interactions truly memorable. This is why hotels are starting to offer Wi-Fi internet access in their guest rooms. What happens here is that the hotels are using IOT devices to provide this internet access. Hotel guests plug their laptops into a USB dongle which is then plugged into the USB port of the hotel’s computers, allowing them to surf the internet wirelessly and stay up to date with what is happening all over the world.

This is one example of how IOT technology can play a role in positively impacting the tourism industry. What is amazing about this is that such technology was actually invented in a laboratory! This is because certain technology firms were trying to come up with an idea that would allow the internet to be accessed wirelessly. When they realized how well this worked, they then applied it to hotels and the impact it has had on them can hardly be imagined.

As soon as this concept became public, people started to realize that it was going to have a massive impact on the hotels. A lot of companies got involved in the process and developed a number of USB wireless internet access cards for hotels. These cards are available at various stores and are easily affordable. Once installed, the device becomes an integrated part of the computer and can easily be used to surf the net without any hindrance.


The moment people understood the impact that this technology has, they started to use this technology in their own hotels. Not only were they able to cut down on costs, but they also saw an opportunity to integrate such technology into other services. So if you too want to cut down on your expenses, stay at a hotel that has an IOT device!