How Facebook Are Getting Some Users Walked Up By Shutting Them Out Of Their Accounts


Facebook seems to have gotten a lot on their plate lately as they keep disabling some users’ account without giving any reasonable excuse for their actions. Many people have been waking up to a blocked Facebook account lately.  For some, it makes sense to disable their accounts given the kind of content on their pages. But for the others, one cannot make any sense out of why Facebook should be disabling their accounts. This is becoming more and more frustrating for these individuals because even after all the complaints, there still seem to be no response coming in from Facebook. 

You cannot blame the customer service representatives on Facebook for failing to answer the many questions that are being asked at the moment. The complaints are just pouring in by the minute, making it almost impossible for them to attend to everybody and at least tell them why they have been shut out of their accounts. 

Naturally, people are going to always look for a way out since they are not getting any help from Facebook. Hence, there has been a huge traffic on some sites where users have been seen discussing the same subject. This can be an annoying experience, especially when all you do is use the platform to innocently engage with others by sharing content and playing games, and doing nothing that can be considered harmful. 

Many people have developed their lifestyle around Facebook, so it is incredibly devastating for these guys to wake up one morning only to discover that their accounts are inaccessible. This is like a stab in the back for many of them because they do not have even the slightest idea of why this is happening. 

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Out of curiosity I had to speak to a Facebook staff who told me how the growing number of users on Facebook is presenting a challenge to them, as well as a few measures they are taking to stop their systems from being overwhelmed by the staggering growth. One would have thought that that will be good news for Facebook users. Instead it seemed to have worsened the case, as innocent users are now getting flagged by their algorithms and being locked out of their accounts. 

But after carefully reviewing a couple of posts, one couldn’t help but reinstate that there are countless reasons for disabling an account. You just have to be a defaulter on one of those lines, and your account will be locked. Your Facebook can be disabled for the following reasons;

  • The use of fake names
  • The act of putting up comments that are offensive 
  • When you poke too often
  • Or you can even get flagged for sending a particular message too many times.

The bottom line here is that spammers are ever ready to exploit any loophole they see on the Facebook system. As such, Facebook are doing everything possible to make sure that bots and other spamming materials do not get the better of the site. That might just explain why they are shutting users out of their accounts lately. It is an algorithm. The moment it recognizes anything that looks like a spam, it is going to come after your account. Therefore, you will need to be extra cautious so you don’t incur the system’s wrath by making it think you are a spammer. 

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Also while we talk about being careful and all that, Facebook seems to be wielding their sword with too much power because you cannot help but get too sympathetic when you hear their story. Here are some of the complaints by some Facebook users whose accounts have been disabled;

A graduate student at Korea

My Facebook account was shut down for good after adding some of my new friends I made in Seoul. As a graduate student of Yensei University, I do a lot of consulting for notable firms around Korea. I also love Facebook very much. So to think that I will wake up one day, and my account will be inaccessible is heartbreaking. I encouraged hundreds of users to sign up with Facebook, after telling them of the many fun things they can do on social media. And this is all I get for my hard work. I don’t seem to get this – why should anyone get banned for adding some new friends on their profile?

A housewife complaints

I tried logging in to Facebook on Friday night, but I noticed the platform was refusing to grant me any access. Apparently, my account has been disabled. I tried reaching their support though the respective emails, but all to no avail. 

The only thing I remember is getting some messages from spam sources, so I and my friend thought we should send the spammers the Facebook terms and conditions. And that was how my account was locked. I have a lot things in my Facebook account that I cannot afford to lose right now. I’m just imagining how I am going to get everything back. 

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Still waiting for a response

For over a week now, I am yet to get any form of response from the Facebook team. Even after sending all the addresses a message, I have not received a single response. Not even a message from a bot. I have been so distraught that an automated message would have calmed my nerves. I can’t bring myself to think of anything I might have done to warrant this. I have a feeling I was randomly picked because no prior warning was given before the ban. I’ve been feeling very sad because of this. Ignoring someone who is a genuine user on your platform is not professional at all. Please, why are they not sending me any response? Any ideas? Because I am fed up!

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