How does Visme work? Create high-impact content

Visme work

In this post we are going to see a tool that I discovered recently and it has surprised me. We have tried many options to make presentations, infographics, banners… but my conclusion is that, although Visme in Spanish is not 100% available, it is one of the most complete online platforms for making designs at the user level.

Once you enter Visme , you can see that it is in English, although they have a Spanish version for the home page and for other specific pages. So, to get you to the point, I want to make your work easier and highlight its most powerful features, as well as the tool’s tricks so you can create high-impact visual content.

Ready to start the Visme tutorial?

Visme in Spanish: Free or paid version?

Visme has several subscription plans and, although one of the modalities is the free version, it is true that I have noticed great differences between the free and premium versions compared to other tools.

Without a doubt, Visme Premium is well worth it . If you run an online business, are a content creator or have an agency, you already know that investing in visual resources is essential to make an impact and give a professional image.

And it is normal for you to wonder what makes this tool different from the others you have used so far to make your creations. Well, Visme in Spanish has some peculiar characteristics that others do not have:

  • Designs for different formats and media (online and offline).
  • Access to tracking statistics.
  • Utilities to capture leads.
  • Options to add audio and video.
  • Creation of content library.
  • Access to more than 900 templates with the paid version.
  • Third-party content at your disposal (surveys, graphs, tables…).

Also, as I was telling you, the Premium version has many advantages. In the first place, it is worth noting the advanced functions that it presents in its editor to make original and creative designs.

 Advanced features: Access to numerous pre-designed templates, detailed statistics and the forms function for capturing leads.

And, in addition, it offers the possibility of sharing your editions with other members of your team and working together (you can even access the changes made by other users).

Sign up for Visme

Everyone’s first step to enjoy this tool is to sign up for it. It is a simple and straightforward process. You just have to go to their website and click on the “Sign up free” button.

Once you do, you will find that you have three options to sign up for Visme:

  • With email and password
  • With your Google account
  • With your Facebook profile.
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Choose one of them, and then the platform will ask you what you want to use Visme for. The possible answers are:

  • Small companies
  • Medium companies
  • large companies
  • Staff
  • Education
  • Nonprofit

Then you must indicate your position or position, your sector and that’s it. Although it seems complex, I assure you that registering with Visme will only take you a minute. In a couple of clicks you will be inside.

And now that you have your account, let’s move on to our Visme tutorial.

Everything that Visme includes in Spanish and English

At this point, I would like to tell you step by step everything that Visme includes in Spanish from your Home page, and through its dashboard in English (at the time of publishing this post), so that you learn how to get the most out of your creations. without having to need design knowledge.

But first, I want to share with you this explanatory video where I take a tour of this platform, so you don’t miss any details 

Now yes, I am going to leave you with the most notable features that you should know about if you have been looking for how to use Visme in Spanish. Take note!

➽ Archive of own and shared projects

Once you have logged in to Visme and are inside the platform, you will see the projects section in the menu on the left. It is interesting because of the interactivity it has when sharing with other team members.

In the ‘My Projects’ tab all our internal creations are saved. But, in addition, in the ‘All Projects’ tab above you have the possibility of making visible both your internal creations and those that have been shared with you and as a team.

➽ Library

In this ‘Slide Library’ option, as you upload content, everything is stored in this folder. Ideal to locate your creations and use them quickly, in case you need the same design to make a new visual content.

➽ Statistics and lead forms

In the ‘Analytics’ tab you can have a detailed view of the repercussion that your creation has generated, where you can also download all that information if you wish to make the pertinent decisions and make improvements in the event that your users did not like it.

Another alternative that Visme gives you to measure results is to embed a code on your website to know the views that the file has had.

Tip:  Visme gives you the option to create your own forms within the platform to capture leads, without having to use other external tools.

➽ Templates for web and social networks

Web templates and social media templates are the most common. Like other design tools, Visme has pre-established sizes for each social network, which is a plus to save you time in this task.

Depending on whether you want to make a design for one social network or another, Visme gives you the option to select the one you need through these buttons and to choose the size you want:

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One of the templates that I use the most are the templates for Instagram , since with the Premium account I can enjoy thousands of pre-designed templates and choose the one I like the most to create quotes and other formats for the feed.

Also, in the menu on the left, in the ‘Media’ option, I love the option to include audio and video to give my posts more dynamism. I encourage you to try it too to transmit professionalism.

If you decide to add videos to your Visme creations, I recommend heading over to Envato Market’s  Videohive section for video files and After Effects templates, ready to customize to your liking.

Finally, I want to point out that Visme allows you to download your designs in different types of files:

Although in addition to downloading your designs, Visme also allows you to share your creations online in a very intuitive way, either to upload it to your website, social networks or if you need to embed an HTML code on your website:

➽ Visme GIF

If you need to create a GIF, in Visme there is the possibility of creating professional designs in a few minutes. Go to the Dashboard and at the top choose the ‘Visme GIF’ format.

see me gif

Click on it and you will find numerous predefined designs to choose from. In addition, they are classified by topic or sector, so you can filter to go faster.

The great utility of Visme GIFs is that you can adapt them to the format you want. Some (not all) give you the ability to set them to square, portrait, and landscape formats.

In this way, you can add them in very different places: from a web page, to your social networks. Or even in an email.

In its visual editor you can add, delete or modify as many elements as you want. And if you feel like it, you can include music.

Note: Visme GIFs are a great choice for bringing movement to your posts and graphic elements.

➽ Templates for presentations in Visme

I find it very interesting in the Visme menu, the ‘My Brand’ tab, where we can configure the entire branding part from here. That is, we can preset colors, fonts (more than 120 types), upload templates for presentations in Visme or choose a predesigned one, and we can even leave the logo uploaded to use it in all your creations.

On this last point, something curious and useful that I have seen is that we can add the web page so that every time we create new visual content for that brand, it already appears with its logo.

When you need to create a presentation for a meeting with a potential client, Visme in Spanish and English gives you many tools to give it a serious and professional touch. From its editor, once you have chosen the predesigned template, you can add icons, images (from image banks), graphics, add music or voice and text blocks.

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In the left menu tab, ‘Basics’ and with the Premium version, you can see the corporate style of the brand (if you configured it in My Brand previously). For example, if you have chosen a specific font and configured it, you will get all the data you added. If you need to modify it or choose another color for example, you can also do it.

➽ Templates for infographics

Specifically, in the event that you need to create an impressive infographic to retain the attention of your users on your blog and for them to share it on their social networks, Visme presents a wide range to design your infographics in a very creative way with top elements.

Whatever pre-designed template you choose, you should know that it can be modified. Quickly and easily, you can add diagrams to your template (they work very well for educational content), graphs (to express percentages), text to accompany images…

All of these come with a preset color or the one you set to your brand’s corporate color, but you can set it to any color you like. To do this, go to the ‘Theme Colors’ option and change the color directly.

➽ Timeline editor

Another resource that can be designed with this tool is timelines. They are very useful to show the progress of a project, the history of a company or place historical events from an educational point of view.

But… how to create a timeline with Visme? The first thing is to go to the Dashboard and enter the term “Timeline” in the search engine, remember that Visme is in English. Then, you will see the predefined templates that the platform offers to make timelines.

Visme timeline

➽ Templates for documents and printables

Document templates are primarily used for advertising brochures or product catalogues. And best of all, you can choose the size that best suits your needs.

The printable templates are oriented for the poster format. And just like all other templates, Visme’s drag-and-drop editor features powerful options for including text, shapes, graphics, and more. Also, I found the option of being able to customize your designs very interesting.

For example, if you are going to make a brochure to print, you should know how big it is physically. For this, there is the ‘Customize’ function; so you can measure your printables in centimeters.


In this post we have seen how Visme works in Spanish, a very powerful tool that has helped many professionals with digital profiles to make their own creations, and give their brand a more professional image.

If you also want to get the most out of your online and offline designs, try all the functions that I have recommended in this post and analyze what results you get. Remember that the metrics will help you make smart decisions in your business.