How do I take good pictures with my DSLR?


Are you still figuring out how to get the best out of your DSLR? We have composed a list of 8 ways on how you can use DSLR camera to click better pictures.  Please read this article to improve your photography skills and use your DSLR to its best. Here are six ways to improve your capturing skills

Shoot in great light

The best natural light for capturing occurs around dusk and dawn when the sun is at a low angle and not casting harsh light. Although outdoors receive more lighting during the noon hours but the harsh light leads to skies that are blown out and spotted portraits.

 It’s best to save an hour or so before the sunsets for shooting outdoors, as the light is warm. The soft and cool light at this time adds dimension and depth to the image.

Blur the background

Shooting at a wide aperture is one of the most powerful ways to make a subject stick out in messy backgrounds. It will narrow that portion of the scene, which is in sharp focus.  A DSLR camera sensor can make a narrow depth of field. While shooting at an extremely wide aperture, the subject gets highlighted, and the background gets blurred, and it a great way to focus the subject.  It is best to get as wide as the lens allows to achieve dramatic results.

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Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a way of focusing the viewers’ attention on the subject matter. It makes use of imagination where the photographer imagines two horizontal and two vertical lines creating nine equal squares across the image. According to this rule, the points to be focused should be placed at the intersecting points of the horizontal and vertical lines. A photograph captured using this rule appears aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Avoid using the flash indoors.

When we use flash indoors, the photographs and videos look unnatural and unappealing to viewers. However, there are ways to give light to indoor photography without using flash.

To lighten your focus, increase the ISO to as much as you find comfortable and use the widest aperture available to entertain more light to the sensor. If you feel the need to use a flash, it is best to use the one with a rotatable head and point the light to the ceiling of an angle.

Creating a Sense of Depth for landscape photography

It is best to get a panoramic view with a wide-angle lens and the aperture equal to f/16 or smaller to capture a landscape. It keeps the image sharp, and placing a subject in the foreground gives a sense of scale to the viewers.

Experiment with the shutter speed

It always helps to experiment with the shutter speed to create some wonderful effects. Using a tripod with a shutter speed of 4 seconds is good for capturing during nights. Fast shutter speed is good for well-lighted atmospheres and for capturing fast-moving objects. With a 1/200 or faster shutter speed, the trails will be shorter and less bright, and the action will be frozen. When you use slow shutter speeds for blurring moments, it is important that the camera is stabilized and not shaking.

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