How AI will Dominate the Technology

Artificial intelligence

The first question on many a techno geek’s mind is – how will artificial intelligence be used? In the future we may see our healthcare system having artificially intelligent doctors prescribing medication to their patients. The same thing will happen with teachers. Teachers will be able to instruct and diagnose students via a robotic android assistant that never breaks down. Think about all the textbooks and lectures that will be able to be stored on digital memory and uploaded to a remote location for the benefit of distant professors.

How will this technology change our lives? It will make our work less tedious. For instance, when I walk into a restaurant the automatic front desk program will know my name and instantly call my table for me. In addition it will be able to provide me with instructions as to what to order. If a customer requests a drink or food item my computer will recognize my voice and execute the request without human intervention.

We will no longer have to wait on our friendly neighborhood pharmacist to order medication. When my friendly computer starts acting funny I can simply shut it down until my technician returns. Since these systems are programmed to understand language they can quickly learn patterns of speech and compose itself based on its learned vocabulary. Additionally, the software will have access to tons of information and will be able to respond in a variety of ways.

Will all these new software to be connected to one another? Absolutely not, each piece will have its own discrete memory bank. However, if one part fails the other pieces will still continue to function. For instance, a failing processor can connect with a previous failed piece and complete the task that was previously completed by the former processor.

What about all those terroristic computer hackers? Will they all be put to death? Not likely! Our government and other international agencies are dealing with this on a daily basis. They recognize the fact that computers can be used as weapons.

How will artificial intelligence change our lives for the better? One day all the robotic soldiers in the future will be at home taking a well-deserved vacation. They will engage in hand-eye coordination and combat operations without ever leaving their protective comfort zone. All soldiers will receive the best health and fitness training available. As a side benefit we will also eliminate most physical and mental disorders through the use of this sophisticated technology.

What about all those future augmented humans? We all know that when you lose your hands you will lose your mind. However, with the development of artificially intelligent computers and smart phones we will be able to remotely control and re-train these soldiers. In fact, they will be completely mannered when coming back to base. It is amazing what technology is capable of today.

How will artificial intelligence impact our future society? Well, let’s see. Right now we are in the sciences researching cures for debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Will we eventually have a cure for this disease. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but researchers are already working feverishly to find the answer. We can only expect greatness when the human race becomes more organized and each individual begins to maximize his or her God-given abilities.

The future of the human mind will also be enhanced. Today’s computers can process voice recordings and then create a new text based solutions for brain injury cases. This is only the beginning. In the future it is possible that we may have digital implants that replace the need for dentures. The potential for treating strokes and heart attacks is limitless. Just imagine the exciting things researchers have in store for us in the future.

In the future we will have artificial intelligence running our government. That’s right; the next phase of Artificial Intelligent software that will be running our country, state, and nation. Will we be using them to prevent terrorist acts or to disrupt a high value target? Who knows, but I am sure as time progresses we will be exploring that question in greater detail. The future of Artificial Intelligent computers will be as diverse as the future of humankind. We cannot simply write one book and then call it a book.

Consider all this in 2021. How will artificial intelligent computer systems be interacting with humans in the future society of tomorrow? Will there be a war between superpowers, or between the good and evil? In the present the U.S. is involved in an ongoing war with Islamic terrorists, but what if we were to use artificially intelligent computers to battle international terroriststs

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