What are Google alerts for and how to configure them?


There is more and more content on the Internet. And this has its good and bad part, because many times you can miss information relevant to your business; whether it is fresh content that can be useful for your blog, an attractive video or a mention.

Fortunately, there is a tool that allows you to monitor everything that is said on the network about you or your brand. This is Google alerts, also called Google Alerts, totally free!

What this service does is notify you of content related to the keywords entered. This way, you can stay on top of the latest news without having to Google and check every page.

Do you want to know all the utilities that you can give it and how to configure these public Google alerts? We’ll tell you then!

What is the Google alert service for?

As we have just said, Google alerts allow you to program personalized search alerts, which match the keywords you have already selected. But what are Google alerts really for?

Well, by using Google’s public alert service you can:

  • Know what is being talked about on the Internet about your brand or business: It is used to monitor what is being said about you on the Internet and, for this, you can create an alert with your name or that of your brand so that Google will send you an email when someone mention it.
  • Know in which publications you are mentioned: You can also create an alert with the name of your competition to know if they mention you in their publications, or to know what is new in topics at that moment. This will help you get ideas for your new posts.
  • Find out about the latest news about your sector: You can create alerts with the name of the pages that share current news about your sector or even add keywords of your theme to find out what content Google has already indexed.
  • Find out if someone has copied your content: To find out if you have been copied, you can create an alert using a paragraph or a sentence from your content. Thus, Google will notify you when someone uses the same text.
  • Detect if your website has been hacked: One way to detect that you have been hacked is through Google Alerts. In the alert you should add your email and suspicious words.
  • Job Search: Are you looking for a job? You can create alerts with keywords of your profession and the place where you live. Thus, Google will notify you when a new job is published on a website.
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Where are Google alerts?

Before going on to see how to make Google alerts, we want to explain where this functionality is located so that it is much easier for you to apply the steps that we will reveal in the following paragraphs.

Access to the Google alerts service can be carried out in two different ways:

  • Entering the term “Google Alerts” in the Google search engine itself . In this case, you will see that the first result refers to this service. Click on it and you’ll be inside in a matter of seconds.
  • Exploring Google products. On the other hand, if you check Google’s suite of products, you’ll find one called “Google Alerts.” It is represented by a yellow bell. Click on it and you can start using it whenever you want.

With that said, let’s see how to work with Google Public Alerts.

How to set up Google alerts?

After seeing what the Google alert service is for and where it is located, you are probably curious to try this tool. To do this, you need to know how to turn on and receive Google alerts, as well as how to turn off or remove Google alerts. Let’s see it!

Activate and receive Google alerts

First of all, you need to have a Google or Gmail account to access Google Alerts . And from there you must configure the alerts you want to receive.

To start the configuration, you must put a term or keyword that you want to monitor in the search engine and click on Show options, where a drop-down will open that you must complete, depending on the information you want to receive. In this dropdown, you will find fields like these:

  • Frequency. You can choose once a day at most or once a week.
  • Sources. If you want any type of source to reach you, select Automatic.
  • Idiom. The one you want to monitor.
  • Region. If you are interested in a specific area, you can put the region.
  • Quantity. You can choose to have it send you all the results it finds or just the best ones.
  • Send to. Add your Gmail email or create an RSS feed.
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As you complete this information, according to your preferences, you will see examples of results below. Then just click Create alert. You can create several alerts depending on your needs. Let’s see the most useful:

1. Google Alerts to monitor your brand or website

For example, a useful alert to analyze your online reputation is to monitor your brand or what others say about you. To activate this Google alert, you must use the OR command so that it sends you a notice when the name of your brand or web page appears in its results. Here’s an example:

It is very useful to analyze if the visibility strategies that you have implemented are giving good results or not. Also to collect opinions that help you improve.

2. Google notices to monitor shares on social networks

To find out who has shared your content on social networks, you must put this in the search engine to create your alert (with your brand data):

Receiving alerts from Google with this information can help you adjust or refine some details about your ideal customer profile. As well as to obtain more data to improve your products or services.

3. Google alerts to know who accepts guest posts

To search for pages that accept guest posts, create an alert so that Google notifies you of the authors that accept content on the subject you are looking for. For example:

The Google alerts website will be your personalized spy to take advantage of business opportunities like this one.

4. Google news alerts to search for a job

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Another utility of this service is being able to receive notifications of new jobs before the rest of the people. To do this, enter keywords about your profession and location. Something like that:

This can give you a certain advantage when applying for a specific position. As you can see, it is a very complete service.

5. Warnings to know if your site has been hacked

By now you can get an idea of ​​what Google alerts are for, but there is one feature that may surprise you: hack detection. To check if your website has been compromised, here you must enter terms that hackers use, which are those related to sex, online games, etc.

If it were to happen, you would be the first to know. Something that will give you the advantage to take action and solve the problem before your customers discover any anomaly.

Turn off or remove Google alerts

On the other hand, if you want to disable Google alerts or modify any parameter, from your panel you will see all the alerts created. In each one will appear a pencil and a wastebasket.

With the pencil you can edit your settings, edit the information you want and click Update alert. If you click on the trash can, you will delete the alert forever and you will stop receiving notices about that search.


Google Public Alerts are easy to set up and easy to use. And, depending on the use you give them, you can benefit in one way or another.

You will be able to know what mentions you receive on other web pages, on social networks, keep up to date with news and trends, find plagiarism of your content, search for offers or simply control the activity behind your brand. This will be key to knowing the digital reputation of your business.

Finally, we advise you to be as specific as possible and think about what content is most valuable to you. Imagine that you create 20 alerts; You will get a lot of notices and most likely they will end up in the trash.