Best 15 Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling In 2022

Spoof Calling
Spoof Calling

This article will help you to spoof-call if you feel bored. Do you want to have fun with your cousins or friends? Learn about Unlimited Spoof Calling. You can trick call your friends. You must now believe that they are well aware of your number. You can overcome your snare.

To learn more about spoofing, please read this article. How to do it through different sites? It is important to remember that prank calls should not be used to threaten or trouble anyone. It’s intended for entertainment purposes only.

Top 15 Best Websites to Get Unlimited Spoof Calling in 2022

 1. SpoofTel



It’s one of the most popular websites that offers unlimited spoof calling and free of charge. You can also “alter your voice” to change your normal voice and fool your friends. It allows users to send SMS messages and make calls, apart from spoofing.

SpoofTel will take care of the rest. You will be able to connect to the person you wish to speak with, without having to reveal your name. What are you waiting to do? You can visit this website and have a look at your friends.

2. Covert Calling

Covert Calling



This website is a good choice to assist you in your pranks. This site’s interface is simple to use and excellent. With your identity hidden, you can make calls from any place. You can start the trial for free now. To get more features, you can also upgrade to the premium account.

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Similar to SpoofTel’s, this website also features the “voice modification” function and the “call recording” function. To make the most out of this site and to prank your friends, click on the link below!

3. BluffMyCall


BluffMyCall allows you to make calls for as little as 2 minutes. There are no charges if the limit is exceeded. Many users are unhappy with the annoying pop-ups and advertisements this website displays. You can choose the premium version to avoid annoying advertisements.

It works well on both iOS and Android media. Before making calls, you can modify your caller ID and use a fake ID. You can also modify your voice to make tricks calls by using the “voice modification” option.

4. SpoofCard


It is without doubt one of the best websites for unlimited spoofing in cyberspace. This website boasts many amazing features for spoofing. It includes group calling and quick calls to the voicemail recipient.

Click the link below to get the free version. You can also upgrade to a premium account or pay for more access to certain features and areas of the site. BluffMyCall is also available on iOS and Android.


If you are looking for a site that does not keep badgering you with frustrating advertisements, then Kudos, you’re at the ideal location. This causes it stand out from the rest of the sites. It is uncomplicated and free to use.

6. Crazy Call

It is the most popular site that is utilized totally free Unlimited Spoof Calling. However as you can use spoof or trick hires criminal activities, also that’s why this website is obstructed in lots of countries. You can create a call from any numeral utilizing this website. It likewise permits the user to alter their voice while they start any call.

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Crazy Call

7. Prankowl


This is a site for prank calling that allows you to send free prank calls to your friends. You can record your conversation to later hear the fake conversation. This allows two anonymous persons to call each other, and then have the Operator Prank function attend to the conversation.

You can also listen to the receiver’s response after you have taken their bonus variation. If you are able to use your smartphone, you can also use prank applications.

8. Funny Calls

Funny Calls


You can make endless spoof calls to your friends. You can choose from a wide range of funny calls.

9. Wacky Prank Calls

Goofy Prank Calls

You can also choose the call you want to make from the available trick calls.

You can make unlimited free spoof calls from your phone. For call bluffing, you will need to give your friend’s name and their telephone number. Crazy Prank will take care of the rest. This does not require you to install any software.

10. EasyPrank


EsayPrank offers a wide range of funny and snarky calls. A prank call is free. Although it won’t allow you to spoof the caller ID, you can use a confidential number for starting a call. This allows you to send your prank calls to anyone.

Enter the number that you wish to make a free spoof phone call. Enter the number you want to show. Next, enter the country where you wish to send the prank call. Click on the Send The Prank button.

11. Foxycall



Foxycall also allows you to make unlimited free spoof calls to your friends from your computer. An anonymous number can also be used to send messages. This allows you to use any Caller ID or Sender ID. You can alter your voice too. This site also allows you to tape-record calls.

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This website is still in beta, so you can use these features immediately after your invite. Each invitation comes with a free call.

12. MyPhoneRobot


Another website that offers free spoof calls to your friend or anyone you choose. This website also allows you to send pre-recorded tricks calls. MyPhoneRobot gives you 30 free calls.

Fake messages can be sent to a confidential number. You can also view call history. This service is only available to US and Canadian citizens.

13. PrankDial


PrankDial is a large list of tricks you can send to anyone you wish. Pick a prank and send it to anyone.

You will need to enter the number of your friends and unidentified numbers, and then click on the Send Out button. You get additional functions by purchasing the premium version or buying tokens.

14. Phone Losers

Phone Losers

Phone Losers, an American prank-calling website, has a large database of funny prank calls. You can use this unlimited free spoof calling site to get an MP3 application for a prank phone call that you can send the person you want to tease.

15. Prank Call Natio

Prank Call Nation

Trick Call Nation is a free unlimited caller id spoofing trick calling station that has a large database of prank calls. It was developed for Canadian and American citizens. Also, you can see the information about Free Unlimited Spoof calling so that it is possible to arrange which file should be sent to which person.