Free Methods to convert EML files into PST Format

Conversion from one format of email to another is necessary when a user wishes to switch from one program to another. This article will demonstrate how to change an EML file into the Outlook PST file.

EML file: EML document is an email message. It stores the text of the email information, sender details, recipient information, as well as the date of the email. Its size is EML file is comparatively smaller because it is saving the information of a single email message. Outlook Express and Windows Mail (earlier called Windows Live Mail) use EML format for their emails.

PST file: The personal Storage Table (PST) belongs to the Microsoft Outlook application and stores the entire mailbox associated with the user account. It’s completely different in comparison to the EML file as it is an enormous container that stores diverse email folders within a well-organized format. Its size could be many GBs. There are many email servers, such as Exchange, Office 365, IMAP, POP, etc. which create PST files to users with an Outlook account.

  • How do I convert EML file into PST format?

  • Drag-and-Drop method: If you’re only able to access a limited amount of EML files, you can drag and drop them into the Outlook folder. Microsoft Outlook should be installed on your system for this method.
    1. Open MS Outlook from the menu in the program.
    2. Visit that folder in which you’ve stored EML documents.
    3. Choose a single or multiple EML files.
    4. Utilize the mouse to move these file to put them into their Outlook directory by dropping your mouse.
    5. The files are transferred.
  • Utilizing Windows Live Mail – If you’re using an older version Windows Live Mail, then it is possible to transfer the EML file into Exchange compatible PST format. Follow the steps below for exporting EML file.
    1. Choose File on the toolbar, and select the Export button.
    2. Choose Microsoft Exchange as the program that you would like to export your email. Select the next button.
    3. The message displays and says “This will transfer emails from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”. Click OK.
    4. Choose the folder you would like to transfer to Outlook. You can do this with a different method to choose individual folders. Then click OK.
    5. The messages are now beginning to be exported. You can select the cancel option to end the process.
    6. The export process is completed. The successful message states that your messages have been successful exported in Microsoft Exchange format. Select Close.
  • Convert EML files to PST format

We have shown you the easy way to export EML documents in Windows Live Mail to PST format. The question is as to why one needs the conversion of EML documents in PST format. There are a few basic reasons that are discussed below.

  1. EML files are a single email file which are susceptible to being affected by viruses or malware attacks. Converting them into PST files will help you in securing your important emails from destruction.
  2. The EML file is available in an email client which supports this format. However the PST file can be opened in all versions that supports MS Outlook.
  3. The EML can only save one email file. It’s a bit difficult to manage multiple EML files in isolation. Once you have converted them to PST which is then an individual file that is easy to manage in Outlook.
  4. If you’re planning to switch to MS Outlook as your default email manager, you’ll have to transfer all of your emails to this site.

There are a few reasons why people are interested in the process of converting their EML files into more beneficial PST formats.

  • Final Words

The two options of converting EML documents to PST only have limited utility. Drag and drop is able to transfer only limited data and Microsoft is no longer supported by the Windows Live Mail application.

If you are looking for an extra secure process for exporting it is recommended to employ an expert EML to PST converter software that allows you to export an unlimited amount of EML files. The program will show a preview of selected EML files and will apply appropriate filters prior to transfer. It will convert all email structures like text, subject from, sender information recipients information, sender information, date, etc.