Five technological objects to make your life easier at home

life easier at home

From vacuums that keep the house clean and dust-free automatically, to an automatic pet feeder, which also allows you to keep an eye on what your dog or cat is doing when you are alone at home. These are five gadgets that you cannot miss in your home.

Furbo Have you felt guilty for leaving your pet alone in the house? This device may help you to stop feeling that way, since it has a camera that allows you to monitor through your smartphone what your best friend does when you are not at home. In addition to being able to keep an eye on him and keep him from doing any mischief, he also gives him a reward from time to time. Another of its functions is to take photos of your pet and send them directly to your phone.

Roomba Keeping the house clean is one of the most difficult and tedious tasks. But that’s no longer a problem with this smart vacuum cleaner that takes care of removing dust and dirt so you don’t have to spend entire days vacuuming your home.See also: How to carry the quarantine with children at home? It has a system that allows you to walk around the house, avoid obstacles and even avoid stairs. It can also be programmed to activate on its own and do your cleaning routine automatically.

Matte tile Losing the keys is a serious problem, but that may already be a thing of the past with this small device that can be put on the keychain and through bluetooth indicates where you left them on your cell phone. But it is not only for your keys, if you need to track your luggage or any other object that may be lost, this device is so small that it fits anywhere. And if what you can’t find is your cell phone, pressing the Matte Tile button makes it ring for you to find it, even if it is in silent mode. Smart fridges In addition to smart TVs, the fridges are now also equipped with some features. From notifying you via cell phone if the door is open to more options to better control temperature and energy consumption


Some smart fridges come equipped with touchscreens, Wi-Fi, internal cameras, and the ability to pair them with tablets or cell phones to access other functions. iDevices Switch This device is responsible for automating any appliance that works connected to the wall of your home. You only need to connect the appliance to the wall with the iSwitch and with an application you can program it to turn on and off at the time you want. So you can program the coffee maker to have your coffee ready in the morning or to automatically turn off the lamp in a room, the possibilities are endless.