Five Basic Tips To Optimize The Reading Of Emails On Mobile

Emails On Mobile

Did you know that there are five basic tips to optimize the reading of emails on mobile devices? I promise, after you read through this article, you will. If you have not yet looked into mobile email marketing, then now is the perfect time. It is estimated that more than two billion mobile emails are sent every day and with social media on the rise, this number is only going to increase in the future.

What if you were told that there was a five basic way to optimize the reading of an email? What would you do? Do you know what these tips are? If not, don’t worry, because this is exactly what you will learn here. I have broken them down into five basic tips to optimize the reading of emails on mobile devices.

The first five basic tips to optimize the reading of emails on mobile devices is to always read the email before you swipe.

Yes, after you open the email, you should already swipe it. This eliminates the possibility of opening it only to glance at the first few lines just to see if there are any important headlines or messages that you may want to read. You may even want to set aside a particular time of day when you will do this to ensure that you don’t ever miss an important message.

Second, you must always have the latest version of the email client you are using.

Nothing sends off a red flag than an outdated or corrupt email client. So, make sure you check your mobile device for any errors or bugs before you download the latest version. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you can install the MS Outlook Mobile application through the Google Play app so you will be able to read all your Outlook emails through your mobile device without any delays.

Third, always read the body of the text messages.

Even if there are a few parts of the message that you are not interested in, glance at the body so you can scan the words or sentences and if you don’t like what you read, delete it. The only reason why you would want to keep reading it is so that you can find out the next message you will want to read. In fact, this is the perfect time to ask your colleague or ask for a different outlook email address.

Fourth, you should always delete your emails after reading.

You can do this through the advanced options provided in your email client. In fact, there are many apps available now on the market that allow you to set a time to remove emails once they have been viewed. You may also set a limit as to how many emails should be deleted so you won’t get tempted to read them again.

Fifth, set up multiple accounts on your mobile device

. You can do this through IMAP and POP3. This will make it possible for you to check your email wherever you are. Besides, this will save you the time needed to access your email client on your laptop or desktop every time you need to read your email.

Sixth, use a mobile device for accessing your email.

You can do this by accessing your email on the go. By accessing your email on the go, you can check it anytime you want while you are running. These are only some of the tips to optimize the reading of emails on mobile devices. Learn more about these tips to receive the most benefit from this powerful tool.

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