9 Ethical Hacking Certification Courses in Delhi

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This guide will look for the best Ethical Hacking certification in Delhi. Choose the top Ethical Hacking Certification from the following options:

Many dedicated individuals have discovered that Ethical Hacking is a productive and promising career. The demand for Ethical Hacking Certification in Delhi is at its peak, especially with the rise in cybercrime. It gives you a job that is interesting and never gets boring.

This article will look at some of the best Ethical Hacking certification programs. We’ll closely examine their course structure.

What is an Ethical Hacker?

Hacking is the process of finding weak areas in a system and taking advantage of them to get to the information in the system. Hacking is, of course, against the law and can lead to severe fines and jail time.

Contrarily, Ethical Hacking is performed with the approval of the system’s owner. Many large companies hire “ethical hackers” to break into their systems, look for weak spots, and make suggestions for how to fix them. Ethical hacking is a way to stop people with bad intentions from hacking computers on the Internet.

Top Ethical Hacking Certificate Course in Delhi

  • Henry Harvin 

The academy was established to help advance the technical and managerial expertise of the company’s employees. The program boasts a hands-on, real-world approach to teaching students about Ethical Hacking from professionals with extensive industry experience. Around ten programs are available through the cyber security academy. Henry Harvin’s Ethical Hacking certification is ranked second in India by Aaj Tak, India Today, and News World India. Naturally, this is among the finest Ethical Hacking certificate course in Delhi. Harvin® is an ISO 29990:2010 certified and audited from UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME.

Key Features

Integrated Curriculum: The course curriculum is put together by experts to provide integrated learning to give candidates knowledge and skills they can use at work after placement.

Training: Interactive Live Online Sessions for 40 Hours

Practical Projects: Capability to conduct research in the areas of Footprinting, Network Scanning, and Enumeration, among others.

Internship: Help with training to learn about Ethical Hacking Certification through practical experience Course

Certification: Get a Hallmark Certification of Certified Ethical Hacker from Henry Harvin®, recognized by the government of India and has won awards, and show off your skills.

Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee for one year after successful completion

E-learning gives you access to lots of advanced tools and techniques, video content, tests, and other things.

Bootcamps: Bootcamps will be held regularly over the next 12 months.

Hackathons: #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions are free for the aspirants.

Membership: Get a one-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin® Cyber Security Academy for the Ethical Hacking certification in Delhi.

Phone: 098919 53953

  • Hacker School

One of the best places for Ethical Hacking certification is Hacker School. You can get a head start on your career by enrolling in an Ethical Hacking course that offers in-person and live online certification courses driven by technological innovation. The Hacker School helps candidates learn in the pursuit of excellence, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and systems-based delivery of well-known courses in academia and the information security industry.

Contract: +91-9599638639

  •  Tech Marshals Academy

This institution has been a global leader in Ethical Hacking certification and cyber intelligence for decades. They care for 90+ clients, most of which are Multinational Companies, Corporate, and Government departments who want to protect their public and private assets from cyber threats.

The mission of the Education Entrepreneurial Firm is to create and deliver High-End Security Solutions and to train students and corporations so that they are ready for any IT Risk Assessor difficulties and opportunities. When it comes to cyber security intelligence and analytics, Tech Marshal is unrivaled.

Contract: 09182231391

  • Koenig Solutions

Koening solution has the best Ethical Hacking certification in Delhi. Koenig’s presence in India and other countries spurs competition, satisfies customers’ unmet needs, produces new employment opportunities, and enlarges access to skilled workers. 

They have the best mentors and staff from all around the world. Moreover, this institution focuses mainly on practical learning and has a world-class infrastructure. 

Contract: 080950 73333

  • Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy’s Ethical Hacking Certification is among the top nine. It also ensures you get certified by the most well-known companies in the field. HackerU, the largest Cyber Security education provider in the world, is a partner of this institution. The Jigsaw certification will give you an edge in the job market and help you land the job of your dreams.

With Jigsaw Academy’s online course, students will learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Ethical Hacking modules.

The course’s goal is to equip students with both a theoretical and practical grasp of the area and to prepare them better to take on various difficulties in different contexts.

Contract:+44 7311 226 5170

  • Edureka

Edureka is a global learning community. Since it offers candidates in India access to live online sessions and customer support, we have listed it among the Ethical Hacking certification in Delhi. The EC Council has approved the course, and its content has been crafted under the EC Council’s most recent syllabus (version 11). Edureka asserts that students who successfully complete the course will have acquired the necessary knowledge and abilities to sit for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam in areas such as network security, session hijacking, cryptography, system penetration testing, constructing firewalls, leaving digital footprints, and more. Payment plans are available for the course fees.

  • Skilllogic

This organization is also a worldwide forum; since it has earned EC-Council recognition, its modules follow the latest syllabus revision (v11). This academy may offer the course in three distinct formats: live online, self-paced learning, and a traditional classroom setting.

Skillogic offers qualified instructors, updated educational materials, and additional Business Analysis training. The total time commitment for the program is 40 hours. Blended learning, which combines online and offline components, allows students to tailor the course to their needs through a case study approach.

  • Crawl security

This is one of India’s only Ethical Hacking certifications courses that offer the full assurance of a job upon completion. 

As an alternative, a course that starts at the beginning level and goes all the way to the advanced level is available to people who need to learn about programming. The course can be taken either online or in a classroom setting. Furthermore, you’ll get hands-on experience and projects. Instructors have at least ten years of expertise in the field, and this course is instructor-led. Students also have access to study resources, including e-books.

9. Ws- cube tech

This institute’s online Ethical Hacking certification in Delhi is counted in the top 9 list. The students can complete training in Ethical Hacking in just 60 days of intensive live instruction. The institute has over one hundred business partnerships, guaranteeing placement for all graduates.

The trainers have extensive real-world experience and know how to keep students engaged and involved during class. 


Ethical Hacking certificate courses in Delhi are becoming easier to find but to choose the best one, you need to do a lot of research. This blog will help you determine which of the best Ethical Hacking certification. This will help you pick a course that fits your needs, whether it’s to satisfy your curiosity or improve your skills in this area.

Ethical hacking is a must for Cyber Security. Small and large businesses are becoming increasingly digital, which shows they need skilled, ethical hackers. If you want a career change to help you grow and get ahead, this is your chance to help yourself. Good luck!!!


Q1. How much salary package an Ethical Hacker can get in India?

Ans: Depending on experience and expertise, an ethical hacker’s compensation can range from $25,000 to $40,000 per year. However, entry-level salaries tend to be in the $25,000 range.

Q2. what are the qualifications for enrolling in an ethical hacking course? 

Ans: There are no academic requirements for entering this field, and ethical hacking courses can help anyone get started.

Q3. Is coding a part of any ethical hacking curriculum?

Ans: Code is a part of most ethical hacking programs. Python, Java, and SQL are the most popular programming languages for ethical hackers.