Ecommerce tips to send cheap packages


If you have an ecommerce, or are thinking of launching to sell online beyond Wallapop, you will know that sending cheap packages is one of the most urgent issues to deal with. In this sense, if you have done a good SEO on your website, you will be receiving volume of traffic and, therefore, a percentage of it will be converting into customers.

At this point it will be time to offer a great experience. For this reason, the way in which you are going to send your products is so important. You must find the perfect balance between user experience and cost. Here are some tips to achieve it.

How to send cheap packages? 7 tips!

The packaging or packaging of a product is a fundamental part of an ecommerce. On the one hand, it protects the product it contains, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in one piece. And, on the other hand, it has a great weight in the image that the client creates in his head about the company that sends him.

However, it is not necessary to make a large outlay on it. Moreover, in order to optimize business resources, without compromising quality, there are different recommendations that can help you send cheap packages.

1) Compare prices

Analyze the different brands that manufacture cheap ecommerce boxes and compare. Look not only at the price, but also at:

  • The material and whether or not it is sustainable
  • Packaging dimensions.
  • And other important features for your ecommerce.
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With this information, make the decision that allows you to offer a good user experience at the lowest cost.

2) Boost your ecommerce traffic

At first you may think that this has nothing to do with sending cheap packages in Spain, but it is not. It is more related than you think, because if you get more traffic to your website, you will sell more products and you will need more boxes or any other packaging material.

Generally the cost of these materials decreases with quantity. Therefore, if you buy more boxes, they will be cheaper. And do you know how this is achieved? Working in depth the SEO of your online store. You will receive qualified traffic without investing in advertising.

3) Optimize space

Store all the products of a single order in the same box. Thus, in addition, you will avoid the waste of materials. In this way, the customer will still receive their products, but protecting the environment. And at a lower cost for your company.

4) Include the price of the box in the product

If the final price is not too high, another option to send a cheap package is to include its price in the product. Thus, for your store it is a settled cost and the customer does not suppose a large extra expense. It is not the same to assume the investment of 1000 boxes (which would be what the business does), than one (which is what the customer does).

5) Use reused material

Another idea that you can implement is to reuse valid material to pack that you collect. As long as it’s sturdy and clean, it will come in handy. If you have an ecommerce committed to the environment, your target audience will value it positively, and can even contribute by providing materials.

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In addition, by decorating these packages to add brand value, they will be even more attractive.

6) Work directly with manufacturers

This other option to send cheap packages is very effective. If, instead of working with distributors or companies, you work with manufacturers, the cost will be lower. Or you can also try to negotiate with your trusted company. If you have a large volume of orders, you will probably reach an agreement.

7) Loyalty to your customers

If you get your customers to buy again in your ecommerce, you will make your investment profitable in sending cheap packages. To do this, the first thing will be to offer a good product. You got it?