Top digital marketing trends for 2022?

digital marketing trends
digital marketing trends

Thinking of the marketing trend in terms of a business that can make a difference in terms of success contrasts markedly with the past where it was difficult to distance yourself from the competition. The trend has been substantially modified due to the changes imposed by the pandemic at a global level. Practicing it guides the needs of consumers and rearranges the map of strategies that will satisfy these demands.

If you have a portal, virtual store or corporate website, we invite you to learn about the new trends in digital marketing in 2022 so that you can keep up with all the updates and provide a better experience to your users.

SEO strategies

If you want to have alternatives in the midst of the fierce and decisive battle for organic positioning, you must assume artificial intelligence as an increasingly key factor.

Taking advantage of keyword studies and the optimization of your page serves to corroborate the conditions of the competitions and the preferences of the users in the search engines.

You must deepen how the market is, the movements of the competition and assess your opportunities to capture a larger target audience.

Mindful Marketing

This conscious marketing technique is based on the transformations that companies attend to address the needs, wants or requests of customers.

It helps brands to interpret what are the social expectations to manage around the goods or services offered.

Practice this technique helps companies not only emphasize the characteristics of the goods or services offered, but also focus on the concerns or desires of consumers.

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Voice Marketing

The 2.0 world clearly explores voice assistants included in business strategies. From there arises the well-known “ voice marketing”, used centrally to optimize the contents of brands through spoken searches.

It should be noted that voice assistants are software with artificial intelligence that has the ability to understand language accurately, respond to voice commands and carry out specific actions. In this way, they are used to address a target target in a dynamic way through devices that work with voice assistance.


Program capable of imitating conversations using artificial intelligence, and executing actions linked to the interaction, in order to provide more exclusive attention to users. That is, it is capable of engaging with the audience within a specific area for which it was configured.

Consequently, digital marketing became a recurring activity to boost events and prevent the existence of angry users who are inclined to contract the brand’s services in exchange for not meeting their needs. For this reason, chatbots fulfill the following functions:

  • Optimization of customer service : Achieved from complaints or problems quickly and concisely. In this sense, it accelerates the procedures of the clients without the need for human personnel to carry it out.
  • Boosting sales and hiring: The chatbot is equipped to guide customers through the sequence of searching, choosing and purchasing the company’s products and services.
  • Content creation: Simplifies access to regular updates as alerts or by sending personalized messages.

User as content generator -UGC-

New reality of virtual marketing in this 2022 trend. Precisely, it is based on a practice in which the Internet user takes the lead, since he generates content on the web and produces it on various digital sites. Thus, it traces a strategy in which users interact more with the content.

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Likewise, this content is presented in alternative formats: texts, images, videos and audios, which are published on RRSS platforms. Whenever the brands obtain the ownership permits, they use the possibility of using said content for the purposes of their campaigns exclusively and from this it follows, to carry out the marketing generated by the consumer himself.

The UGC is directly characterized by being an active influence on the keywords or keywords. As these terms are normally used in browsers, they facilitate internet searches.

Among the examples of the user as a content generator, you find:

  • Photos or videos created by the same user.
  • Comments from followers.
  • Electronic reviews on goods or services of the company or brand.
  • Blogger posts, whether rented or free.

This strategy is ideal for enhancing the brand image and raising its visibility, differentiating itself from its competition and setting the standard without having to pay for advertising directly.

Briefly, by understanding each of these 2022 marketing trends, you will be able to enhance your brand or company, achieving a greater number of possibilities to positively transform your initiative and contribute to a better and more successful user experience that distinguishes you from the competition and adds value to your business. your customers.