Different Types of VPS Hosting

VPS Server

Are you searching for cost-effective web hosting that still provides an excellent alternative to dedicated hosting? If yes, virtual private servers (VPS) can be a better option for you. You will get a feel of a dedicated server with VPS, as it provides high speed, security, and performance. Today in this blog, we will learn more about VPS hosting and its various types. 

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is specifically suited for companies who want something better than shared hosting. In shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted on a single server which directly impacts the speed and reliability of websites on that server.

In VPS hosting, the server is divided into different segments, and each segment is allocated to different users. Thus users don’t have to share their RAM, CPU, bandwidth, or disk space with others, thus, giving them a feeling of a dedicated server at a cost-effective price.

Different types of VPS hosting

Finding the perfect web hosting for your brand is a challenging task. There are various aspects that you need to consider. You might have contacted different web hosting companies, but first, you must decide what type of VPS hosting you need for your brand.

Let’s talk about the different types of VPS hosting, which you should know before deciding to buy one.

Windows VPS hosting

Going with the windows VPS server USA is a good choice because of the reliability and flexibility it provides. Also, with this hosting, you can work in any field of the web through its sub-features. Windows hosting provides high speed and download access; it is cheap with a powerful memory. One more advantage of windows hosting is user-friendliness, as most people are familiar with the graphical environment of this operating system.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

This hosting never comes with any obligations. It implies you can have full root access. However, it would help if you were technically savvy to manage everything by yourself, or else you can take help from professionals. These professionals can help you to keep your server up and running accurately. Thus, you can feel comfortable working with a committed server in managed VPS. Even for managing such a server, you can take help from your VPS facilitating supplier.

Managed VPS hosting

In this hosting, the hosting is managed by the service provider, and he is responsible for the server’s maintenance and management. Hence you don’t have to bother about any performance, maintenance, or security-related hosting issues. The service provider team will continuously monitor and update the hosting to ensure its safety and performance.

Cloud VPS hosting

In cloud VPS, your servers will be based on the cloud. In this hosting, you are allowed to pay only for the administration you need, and this concept is unique compared to the standard hosting. In cloud VPS hosting, you can change your prerequisite to meet your needs anytime. You can even increase or decrease your resources as per your business development.

Linux VPS hosting

It is a procedure for hosting a website on Linux-based virtual servers. It provides matchless security, making it difficult for any malware or viruses to break Linux defense. Being open-source, anyone can view the source code, repair the faults and get the highest level of security.

Also, Linux VPS hosting USA is better than any other operating system when we talk about performance. It has excellent procession power, implying that websites on this hosting server load faster.

What is the difference between a Linux VPS hosting and a dedicated server

In Linux VPS hosting, the actual server is partitioned into numerous virtual networks, and thus the overall cost is shared among various users, making it a cost-effective deal. While in a dedicated server, only one user uses the entire server, and hence the company bears the charges of the whole server, making it expensive.

Besides being cost-effective, Linux VPS hosting runs on host computers that are more powerful than that of dedicated servers, thus giving companies higher capacity and performance.


VPS hosting can be availed in managed, unmanaged, cloud, Linux, and windows types. It would help if you chose the package per your site speed, security, and performance requirement. VPS is an excellent option for those who want to avail the facilities of dedicated hosting without spending much on hosting. That is the reason for the growing demand of VPS hosting services.

Hence you can go with cheap VPS hosting USA to save some bucks and get the desired speed and performance.  

If you are still using a shared network and expecting an enhanced traffic in future, then it’s the time to switch to VPS hosting. This hosting is usually preferred by many small and mid-size companies who experience moderate traffic on their website.