Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products In 2022


Creating an online store or ecommerce from scratch is usually the best option to sell your products on the internet, but it is not the only possible alternative.

When launching into the digital market, there are different platforms to sell products online. And, the best thing is that you can choose one of them, or use several at the same time, thus having different ways to generate income.

For all these reasons, we invite you to answer in this post some of the possible questions that exist regarding the sale of products online.

Where to sell my products online?

Let’s start by taking an overview of the market. As we said, the first alternative is to create an online store to sell your products, but there are other ways that are just as valid and that we will see here.

But… how to create a website to sell products online? We will also talk about this later. Just keep in mind, for now, that there is software that makes it very easy for us.

However, it is also possible to sell products on marketplaces such as Amazon, through affiliate strategies or applications such as Vinted (your search for platforms to sell clothes online).

Online store to sell my products

If phrases like ‘I want to create an online store to sell my products’ resonate in your head, the most practical solution to launch yourself on the market is to invest in developing your own ecommerce.

Perhaps it is the most expensive option at first, but in the long term you will not depend on third parties to sell your products online. In addition, you can also manage everything that happens in your ecommerce, as well as the relationship with your customers.

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Creating an ecommerce has become one of the favorite options as a  work from home model . It is a very effective solution, whether you want to launch an online business from scratch, or if you are looking to digitize a traditional one.

Other notable advantages could be:

  • The optimization of the purchase process. You can improve and take care of everything that happens, from the moment a person enters the ecommerce until they receive their order, so that satisfaction is maximum.
  • Choose payment methods and facilities. There is the possibility of making it easier for your client… if you can, give them payment or support facilities to solve possible doubts in the process.
  • Lower maintenance expenses. Although it involves a higher initial investment than other options, launching your own platform to sell products online is the smartest thing to do in the long run.
  • Direct customer service . Through platforms to sell products online you may not have it, or it may be more impersonal through email or video tutorials.

➽ Sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

Another option is to upload your products on Amazon or similar marketplaces. This has become one of the most popular places to shop online.

If you publish your products on marketplaces like Amazon, you can increase your income significantly. In fact, most of the products that we can find in it are from third parties, not Amazon’s own.

To join selling on Amazon , you only have to register as a seller and follow the relevant steps to upload your products and show them to all users.

Think of this option not as a single route, but as one of the platforms to sell additional online products to your store or ecommerce.

➽ Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you don’t want to upload your products to Amazon, you can become an affiliate and still benefit from the popularity of this marketplace.

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Affiliate marketing on Amazon is very simple. It works like a traditional recommendation. The only difference is that for each sale generated from that recommendation you get a commission.

To do this you must somehow derive traffic to the Amazon product pages for which you are an affiliate.

Normally, this is done through the inclusion of links in a blog, banners or the like.

Imagine that you have a blog that talks about sports shoes. And there you recommend the ones that Amazon sells. If you use the affiliate link, you will be referring people to the marketplace. And if they buy, you get a commission.

➽ Use applications for second-hand sales

And if you still want more options on where to sell products online, you can use all the second-hand sales applications that exist. For example Vinted, one of today’s best-known online clothing selling platforms.

However, I recommend that you do some research in this field, as there are numerous tools of this type. You could analyze them all and keep those that offer the most advantages (both to you and to your future clients).

Platforms to sell products online

And, if you ask yourself ‘how to create a website to sell my products online?’, the time has come to get answers.

There are several options available, regarding platforms to sell products online, which help us create a digital store. We could make a fairly considerable list, but we are going to keep the main solutions.

Many think having their own online store is the most expensive option. However, it can be the most profitable, since the investment you must make is minimal.

How much will it cost me to launch my website ? We cannot give you a specific price, since it will vary depending on the tool or software you use. However, remember that it is a more than profitable investment!

➽ WooCommerce

It is a WordPress plugin that turns this CMS into a fairly complete and functional online store. It is one of the most popular options among those who have already launched their e-commerce. Advantage?

  • Any functionality you want can be added. Being an open source tool, it has a very extensive library of extensions.
  • It’s free . Although yes, only the most basic option and some of its extensions, for others you will have to pay.
  • Provides a secure environment. User privacy and security are well protected. It is also something to value in the following platforms to sell products online.

➽ Shopify

Shopify is a software that is specially designed to create an ecommerce in a couple of steps.

It is a very simple platform that comes fully prepared with everything you may need to launch your online store. Let’s see some of its advantages:

  • It is simple and intuitive . The first time you access you will find a guided tutorial that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool in a few minutes.
  • It allows a wide variety of payment systems . This is perhaps one of the most attractive features.
  • Includes marketing tools. Which is an excellent opportunity to make your store known to the world.

➽ Square space

The last of the platforms to sell products online that we will talk about in Squarespace. It stands out for its ease of use and simplicity. It is usually the great choice among those who do not have too much technical knowledge.

Let’s see more advantages:

  • It has very attractive templates . The image of your ecommerce will significantly influence its greater or lesser success. This platform includes templates that in a couple of clicks will give your store a very professional look.
  • It includes numerous functionalities . Perhaps WooCommerce is the one that allows you to add the most features, but Squarespace comes with a large number of them as standard and is a fairly complete solution.
  • Offers 24/7 support. If you have any questions while you are creating your store, you will have at your disposal a support service via chat or email that will answer you immediately.