Besides Academics, What Kind of Profile Building Is Required to Study Abroad?

Besides Academics, What Kind of Profile Building Is Required to Study Abroad?

Besides Academics, What Kind of Profile Building Is Required to Study Abroad?

Hard work and persistence are very important features of success. But you want to study abroad, then one must make a good profile which is attractive in the eyes of the college admission in-charge.

Academics is and will always be an essential part of your profile. But colleges abroad look for the little extra in your profile.

Profile building is an important requisite to study abroad.It helps to make your application desirable to the college admission committee. All applications look the same. A sound and strong profile will make you visible in a crowd. It is that extra thing which is needed to make you desirable. If you’re starting your college admissions process and you’re having a tough time, don’t give up. Whatever you do, don’t have your parents pay to get you into college – with hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to get into the right school for you.

All-rounder Personality           

Universities are on the look for students who are all-rounders. Along with your academics, you need to show them that you are a holistic student. It can be sports, entrepreneur skills, or a social cause. Please remember to high light them in your profile.

Leadership quality

Leadership quality is required in all fields. If possible, build your leadership quality by organising cultural events and technical fest in your present college. Do some skill building projects which shows your leadership qualities. You will get an unparalleled opportunity to proof your capabilities and will show your characteristics of a leader.

Social work

Participation in social work, like blood donation camps, teaching underprivileged children, teaching in night schools or helping a hand in old age home are some of the best things on the profile. They show your work with the aim of nation building. You can also take up civic initiatives like raising funds for a social cause, spreading awareness about healthy life or cleaning a public place. You can also think about creating a YouTube channel to help a community. Always remember, these works will make your profile better than the best.Everyone likes people who does not only live for himself/herself.

Sports and self defence

It is important to be physically active and healthy for anall-rounder. Try to show your sport activities. Every college wants their students to play sports and encourages them. If you know self-defence, do mention it.

Summer programs

Enrol in summer programs in India and abroad and mention about them.

Foreign Language

Learn a foreign language. Some of the popular ones are French, Chinese, German and Spanish. Go for their certification.


Any technical skills acquired should be done along with a certification. It will add value to your profile. Please remember to highlight them. These unique attributes will increase your chances of admission in your dream college. A certificate will definitely make a difference.

Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation from professors based on skills like achievements in workplace, communication skills, creativity would help the admission committee to analyse you better.  Take help from your professors to write impressive recommendation letters to vouch for your capabilities.


Doing an internship related to the program you want to pursue is definitely a plus point in your profile. Hands-on experience in the respective program will show that you are able to use the knowledge professionally also.

Unique Selling Point

There will be many applicants for limited number of seats. Many of the applicants will have better academic records than you. You need to make your profile unique to stand out. Identity your unique selling point and highlight it. This will make your application a powerful one. Find out your strengths and focus on them.

Publish your Research work

Published research work be an asset to the research committee of the university you are applying. Undoubtedly it will add volume to your academics and will speak of your interest. So, any research work done in school, should be mentioned and highlighted. The admission committees are looking for assets for their college.

Online course

Online courses make your profile stronger and will give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Online learning will give your application a boost. It also shows your interest in the field you wish to get admission in. There are many reliable sites which provide online course at nominal charges. Select the program of your choice, enrol in it and make sure you finish in on time.

All the above points, will help you in building a strong profile. These days many students are academically very good. Over the past 6 years, there has been an increase of about 600% in number of students who are able to get marks between 90%-95%.

So, in order to get your seat in your dream college, create a strong and unique profile and review yourself in the eyes of the admission committee in a positive light. Take the help of Acadru is a multidisciplinary learning platform for aspiring senior school and college students. You can find many ideas for jobs for the 21st century here. Start planning NOW!

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