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Benefits of Content Marketing vs Marketing WITH Content

Benefits of Content Marketing
Benefits of Content Marketing

Content, whatever its format, is an excellent tool to build trust, authority and credibility with any target audience. That is why more and more companies have made the decision to bet on a strategy that includes them.

The discipline or area in which this type of action has traditionally been framed is content marketing . However, another similar term adapted to new digital trends has recently emerged; marketing WITH content.

Do you know the benefits of content marketing and how it differs from marketing WITH content? I’ll tell you about it in this post!

Benefits of content marketing for your brand

Although content marketing offers results in the medium and long term, the advantages of applying it make it worth the wait.

They say that good things always take time, right? In this case the saying could not be more accurate. Here are some of the most prominent benefits.

Build trust in a brand

If the content you share is of quality, users will know that they can trust your brand. Everything you offer for free and that also serves to satisfy a need, no matter how small, will favor the image they have of your brand.

Content that adds value, is clean, careful, does not contain grammatical errors, is well expressed and expressly designed for them, will always denote professionalism on the part of your brand. And that translates into trust, something essential to make a purchase.

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Promotes positioning and visibility

If you add SEO positioning techniques in the creation of content, little by little you will rank in the search engine, until you appear in the first positions of it. This will add visibility to your brand and, in addition, will derive qualified traffic to your website. That is, people interested in acquiring what you offer.

Increase sales

As a consequence of the two previous advantages, your sales will grow. Trust and visibility are aspects that favor companies in different ways. And one is through customer generation.

Marketing of and with contents: Differences

Let us now see what are the main differences between content marketing and content marketing.

Both strategies are based on the creation of content as a tool to attract customers, but they have some points that distance them.

  • Channels. While the first only uses its own channels, such as the blog, social networks, or email, the second also includes the use of paid channels, such as advertising, collaborations, or alliances.
  • Disciplines. Content marketing is mainly based on Inbound Marketing, however content marketing also includes others: influence marketing, branded content or native advertising.
  • Marketing mix. It has always been said that content marketing is part of the marketing mix. But content marketing is established as the strategy that brings together everything in the mix.
  • Objectives. The main focus is also different. While the first strategy responds to capturing potential customers or leads, the second responds to conversion.

The truth is that the generation of content, whatever the strategy on which they believe, is a large-scale project. For this reason, many companies determined to enjoy the advantages they offer decide to hire a content agency . 

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Whether you are going to implement it internally or externally, when you do it, you will see that new growth opportunities will arise that will favor your brand.