The 7 best anti-spyware apps for Android in 2021

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One of the simple and easy ways to hack someone’s phone is through spyware. Anyone can download the app and spy on anyone’s device. It can spy on anything like emails, personal information, contacts, messages and more. And no one wants their device to be spied on, as everyone is concerned about its safety.

How can you tell if they are spying on your phone? Your device battery drains faster or unusual device activity is observed. If you are concerned about your phone, you can use these Anti-Spy applications to protect yourself from spying. These anti-spy apps can search for hidden spy apps on your Android smartphone.

  • List of the best spyware detection applications (Anti-Spy) for Android
  • 1. Free privacy scanner (antispy)
  • 2. Cell Spy Catcher (Anti-spy)
  • 3. Anti Spy (removal of SpyWare)
  • 4 Free Mobile Anti Spy
  • 5. Spyware Detector
  • 6 AntiSpy and spyware scanner
  • 7. Malwarebytes Security

List of the best spyware detection applications (Anti-Spy) for Android

1. Free privacy scanner (antispy)

Free privacy scanner (antispy)

Privacy Scanner Antispy app is free to use and helps you check whether your device is being spied on or not. Detects parental controls and monitoring apps that can be misused to spy on family members using GPS-Track technology, read contacts, call history, and more.

The app’s user interface is flawless and easy to use. You can detect any malware in the application and protect yourself from problems. The application has free and paid versions, and both have few differences.

For example, few functions can be used only in the premium version, for example, if the user has activated the Pro version, it can detect newly installed applications, it can schedule daily background scans and more. (Users can use the free version or upgrade to premium.)

App Features:

  • It can detect more than 3000 spyware.
  • Check the apps that use suspicious permissions
  • Discover apps listed as device administrators
  • Customize if you want to include popular apps

2. Cell Spy Catcher (Anti-spy)

Cellular spy receiver (Anti-spy)

Did you know that cell spying devices can pick up important information from nearby smartphones? These phones can be carried in your hands or attached to public transport. Nobody wants anyone to spy on your phone.

So, you should try this Cell Spy Catcher app that detects a cell spy, and if something is wrong, you will get a warning via red screen or sound. Whenever you receive a warning, immediately turn off your phone and prevent the intruder from spying on your phone. The application is easy to use and does not drain your battery much.

3. Anti Spy (removal of SpyWare)

Anti Spy (SpyWare removal)

Anti Spy application is one of the best applications for Android users, to prevent someone from spying on your phone. It’s easy to use as you need to tap on “Verify Now” and it will verify all the apps.

As soon as it detects any malicious application, it will immediately remove spyware and applications. It can also detect all the hidden spy apps, so there is no need to worry about that. The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

App Features:

  • It can detect hidden apps and spyware.
  • Also, remove malicious apps.
  • Detects active device manager applications.

Free Mobile Anti Spy

Free Mobile Anti Spy

The free Anti Spy Mobile app detects all malicious spyware running in the background and tries to steal your data. This application immediately removes spyware and blocks it. Whenever a new application is installed on your device, it detects whether the application is spyware or not. However, not all functions can be used in the free version as you need to upgrade to a PRO version.

In the paid version, check the background and report the status in the status bar. If it detects something suspicious, it will delete it at the same time.

5. Spyware Detector

Spyware Detector

Are you concerned about your safety? Since there are a lot of malicious software available to access your device and steal information. If you are worried about your device, start using this Spyware Detector app. Block viruses, spyware and malicious applications.

Your device will not get any ransomware attack with the help of Spyware Detector. This app updates automatically and is also safe to browse the web. If any spy app is detected on your phone, it will notify you immediately.

AntiSpy and spyware scanner

AntiSpy and Spyware Scanner

Download the application and you will know when your phone has installed a spyware application or has been infected by a malicious application. It is dangerous if someone reads messages, tracks location, and verifies contacts. However, you don’t have to worry about anything if you are using this application to detect, monitor and control applications.

There is a slight difference between the free version and the professional version. The advanced heuristic engine allows the application to detect new and unknown spy applications that act as a system service.

7. Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security is the most trusted application when it comes to security. The application’s setup wizard makes the installation process easy, verifies the device and removes spyware. Even this application has a free and paid version, where for free, it detects and removes all known spyware.

However, the paid version can check incoming messages and if it contains malicious URLs, it blocks them. Before paying, you can try it free for 30 days. So you can get it for $ 1.3 a month.

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