A Complete Guide to On-demand Water Delivery App Development

Water is the most essential thing for any living being. And they need it daily to ensure their survival. It doesn’t matter how they attain it. The important point is getting clean water. 

Considering the utmost necessity of water, several entrepreneurs got inspired and came up with the idea of on-demand water delivery all through an app. It is because, in this digital age, people seek on-demand delivery of almost everything whether it is products or services. Then why can’t it be the water? 

If you are also one of those enthusiasts’ entrepreneurs who have ventured into the water delivery business or are willing to enter. Then, this blog is for you. It will resolve all your queries and doubts regarding on-demand water delivery app development. Continue reading this piece of helpful information and pave your way toward the creation of your water delivery app solution. More so, with the help of an experienced on-demand water delivery app development company renowned for its world-class water delivery app development services globally. 

Let’s start with it-

What Features to Include in Your On-demand Water Delivery Application? 

If you have made up your mind to the creation of a water delivery mobile app, you must consider including the following features as a part of your on-demand water delivery application. 

User Panel

1. SignUp/Login

To allow users to register and login into the app for their water delivery requirements.

2. Advance Search

Enabling users to access nearby outlets, check product listings and details, and narrow down their search through several filter options.

3. Online Payment Options

After adding desired product and quantity to the cart, allow them to make payment for their orders through various safe and secure online payment options. Likewise, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, or mobile wallets. 

4. Real-time Tracking

To allow customers to check the real-time status of their orders, from ETA, and delivery boy location on the map to payment details, etc. 

5. Feedback

This feature gives customers the leniency of sharing their overall experience on the app, from ordering to getting doorstep delivery of the desired product & quantity. 

Service Provider Panel 

1. Registration/Login

Water suppliers can register to the application and log in using their authentic credentials- email address & password.

2. Add Items

Allows service providers to add items to the list with product details and pricing. Also, they can create a whole new list of items to categorize items with others. 

3. Bank details and legal documents

It is mandatory if a service provider wants to start their online services within the app. Once verified (bank and other necessary documents) via the admin, authentic service providers can start their online water delivery journey. 

4. Manage orders

Give the service provider needed access to check all the requests made by the users on the dashboard. 

5. Delivery management

Enables water delivery business owners to assign a delivery schedule and a delivery person to deliver a particular order depending on the location. 

6. GPS tracking

The service provider should be able to navigate the delivery person’s location through the GPS tracking system or any other online tracking system within the app. 

Admin Panel 

1. Dashboard management 

Admin gets the privilege of managing the dashboard according to the preferences and services provided by the app. 

2. Delivery management

Admin can check all the orders placed by the users and manage their deliveries all through the app.  

3. Wallet management

Admin has the right to check every invoice and transaction detail made within the app. If he found any discrepancies, he is liable to remove the user or the service provider from the app. 

4. Push Notification

Admin can notify or send alerts to its loyal or potential customers about the offer or discount being provided in the store. 

5. Rate and Review

Admin has access (check and manage) to all the feedback and reviews left by the customers on the app. 

How does a water delivery app work? 

After knowing about the must-have features of a sure-to-be successful water delivery application, it’s time to learn how it works, and its workflow. 

  • A water delivery service provider signup into the app using the email address or phone number and set up its location. 
  • Then s/he will list all its products in their listing.
  • On the other hand, a user will also register/login to the application using its credentials and insert location.
  • Once s/he inserted its location, s/he will be able to see and get connected with multiple service providers in that area. 
  • Users can explore products and listings of different service providers in the area and can place desired orders. 
  • Once the order is confirmed by the service provider, the user will proceed to make payment for the same. 
  • The service provider, on the other hand, will receive the request and accept it according to its schedule. 
  • On acceptance, the user will be notified via message or email. 
  • The delivery person will track the location of the user through an in-app GPS facility and reach the location. 
  • Deliver the product to the customer and the customer will leave a review and rating in the application for the received service experience. 

How much does it cost to build a water bottle delivery application? 

The cost to develop a water bottle delivery application depends on several factors including app type, platform, app complexity, number of features, location of the app development team, and much more. Therefore, it is impossible to quote the exact cost for the on-demand water delivery app development. Still, to help you out, we are providing an estimated range of a basic water delivery app solution that falls in the vicinity of $4000-$7000. 

Final Words

Going through the blog, you must have known almost everything for an on-demand water delivery app development. Still, if you have any confusion, you can consult a prominent mobile app development company offering water delivery app development services for years. The team of highly experienced water delivery app developers will resolve all your queries and doubts. And provide you with the most advanced water delivery app solution considering your business objectives and budget. Choose the best water delivery app development company after conducting deep market research since the selection of the right technology partner can make your water delivery app development project a cakewalk and vice versa.