8 Reasons Your Windows Laptop Is Running Slow, and How to Fix It.

Windows Laptop

If you’re using a computer, then you know how annoying it is when your computer starts to run slow. Even the speediest computer can have problems running slow if it’s running on a laptop for long periods of time. However, it’s not just Windows Laptop that run slow; even desktops can be affected by this problem.

One reason why your computer may be running slow is that it’s being held back by settings in your system.

When your computer tries to process a lot of data at one time, it slows down. If there are too many settings open at once, the computer gets confused and saves many of them in the wrong way. This causes these settings to become corrupted and make your computer takes longer to process them.

Another reason why your computer is taking a long time to boot up is that it’s simply taking up too much space.

Each time you start up your computer, it has to read 100’s of settings in order to boot up. However, many of these settings are saved in the wrong way, making Windows takes longer to process them. In order to fix this problem, you need to either clean out the registry or upgrade your PC.

If you use a laptop often, then you should know that your laptop’s RAM is very important. The more memory your computer has, the faster it will boot up and perform. However, most people don’t realise this and leave their RAM alone. This means that when your laptop’s RAM starts to run slow, your computer takes much longer to boot up, making your laptop extremely slow.

The third reason why your Windows laptop is running slow is because it’s taking too long to read the settings it needs from your registry.

Your Windows registry stores all the files & settings that your computer needs to run, allowing your system to ‘remember’ many different programs that you use regularly. However, over time, many of the registry settings on your PC become damaged & corrupt. This causes your computer to take longer to process the files it needs, slowing it down. To fix this problem, you need to clean out your registry.

The fourth reason why your Windows laptop is running slow is because it’s constantly freezing.

Many people use the Internet, rather than having a personal computer, because of the speed & reliability it offers. However, this can be a huge mistake. While the Internet is great for surfing the web, it’s not ideal when you need to perform actual work on it. When you try to load up a website, Windows may show a slow bootup message, forcing you to restart your PC to fix the issue.

The final reason why your Windows laptop is running slow is because of spyware being installed on your system.

These little buggers can steal your details and hide them away on your computer, which makes it very difficult for you to use the internet. If you want to use the Internet, and surf the web, you need to be able to trust the site you’re visiting, and if you suspect your computer has been taken over, you need to clean out this infection from your PC.

The problems above are some of the most common reasons why your Windows laptop is running slow. In order to fix them, you need to get a good registry cleaner to clean out all the damaged files that are making your PC slow. This will allow your computer to read the files it needs, when it needs them, preventing your PC from slowing down as it takes longer to process the files it needs. To use a registry cleaner on your PC, you first need to download one off the Internet. These tools work by scanning through the registry database of your PC and cleaning out any of the damaged files that are inside it.

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