7 tips to improve your ranking in Google

ranking in Google

Google is constantly modifying its algorithm and you need to keep up to date to improve your ranking in Google.

Google’s goal is to deliver organic and relevant results to its users.

This means that it prioritizes websites that offer quality content, use organic SEO techniques, and offer user-friendly design and functionality.

If you want your website to obtain a high ranking that allows it to be in the first results of a search, read the 7 tips to improve your ranking in Google in 2020.

1. Start by having a good website

A good base is essential to improve your ranking in Google, because your website is the place where you optimize SEO on Page and off Page.

Make sure you have a solid web structure, fast loading speed, user-friendly design, and quality content.

Avoid duplicate and unrelated content, remove or fix broken links, and update the overall look of your website.

These actions make it easier for Google to index it and help you attract and retain the audience you want.

2. To improve your ranking in Google, know your keywords

There are third-party services that allow you to find out which keywords and phrases can improve your website’s rank.

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Define them and figure out how to use them organically in your content, but knowing which keywords work best is only half the work.

To improve your ranking on Google, generate quality content that naturally includes those keywords.

3. Use exact match anchor texts

Anchor texts are trusted as an external linking strategy, but Google penalizes their abuse.

To improve your ranking on Google, make sure to use your keywords in anchor texts when they are really relevant.

4. To improve your ranking in Google, optimize your website for mobile users

More and more people are accessing websites using their mobile devices and Google has declared that it has a version for indexing mobile pages.

One of the 7 tips to improve your ranking in Google is to optimize your website for mobile browsing as a priority, if you want to increase overall traffic.

AMP is an open source initiative powered by Google that helps you create mobile pages with almost instant load time.

Including it on your website helps you improve the user experience and reduce the bounce rate.

5. Get quality backlinks

A backlink is a link that draws readers to your website from another site or page.

They are crucial, because they tell search engines which websites use your pages for information.

In general, the more websites that link to yours, the higher your ranking, but to rank in Google, quality is more important than quantity.

Links from old, reputable websites benefit your site more than referrals from new or unrelated sites.

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Work to get referrals from authority sites that give you a bigger boost and help you improve your ranking on Google.

Avoid 301 redirects because they can dilute your ranking.

6. To improve your ranking in Google, focus on unique content

Combine quality content with good content curation to improve your ranking on Google.

Also make content shareable and opt for videos, blog posts and e-books, very useful for your readers.

When someone shares your content, they usually link it to your website.

It’s another way to attract attention to your blog, much like how backlinks from other websites give your ranking a boost.

7. Know what strategies you should avoid

Make sure that the SEO strategies you are using to improve your ranking in Google do not generate a penalty.

This can knock your website out of search results entirely.

To avoid this, familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines.

Use their search engine optimization starter guide to learn the fundamental strategies you can follow and the actions to avoid.

Most importantly, listen to specific instructions that Google can give you on what strategies you should follow.

By doing so, you avoid mistakes that can negatively affect your ranking.

Google actively works against websites that use spamming techniques.

This means that you should focus on a quality website structure and good content.

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