7 Best Antivirus for Android for 2021

Best Antivirus for Android

So, you’re looking to buy antivirus for android. You’ve already got a PC or laptop (or even a smartphone) and you want to protect your mobile device from the same threat. Don’t worry. It’s actually easier than you think. Here are seven of the most reliable, free antivirus for android that you can trust.

Norton Antivirus For Android works very well to protect your device against viruses, malware, spyware and other threats. This top antivirus for android is ideal for people who travel frequently because it protects their data remotely. It’s completely free and is compatible with most PDAs. To protect your Android from other threats check out this top download.

VirusBarrier Another virus protection for your phone that’s free and totally free to try is VirusBarrier. This is another remote desktop application that protects against viruses and malware. This particular product is more advanced than many of the other apps out there since it not only protects against viruses but also against malware, spyware and other types of threats. Since this application is free you can test it out before purchasing. This is another virus program that’s a top download for android.

McAfee Antivirus For Android This is a top download and top antivirus for android as well. McAfee offers a number of options including security updates, software diagnostics and parental controls. This software is free and is compatible with a large variety of operating systems including XP, MAC, PPC and Smartphone. It’s an easy to use program and comes with a help file that makes it easy to fix problems that may occur.

Panda Antivirus

For android This is one of the latest in line of virus protection programs. It comes with various features that allow you to keep your device safe from malware and other potential threats. It’s simple to use and is available for free. The program is one of the best downloaded and most popular of all types of anti-malware applications available. It has grown to become one of the best choices for people who are looking for a great choice when it comes to virus protection.

Norton Antivirus Plus For iPad This program protects your tablet and iPhone too. It has been designed by some of the leading experts in the field. You can easily scan your device with the help of the interface and it can detect and remove virus signatures with ease. This app also protects against phishing attacks and helps you stay away from fake websites and spam messages.

Kaspersky Anti-Malware

For Google Android One of the newest and most promising anti-malware applications on the market. This is a free download. It offers protection from malware and other threats on your device. It detects threats through its trademark technology and includes features like real-time protection, manual security removal, and identity theft protection. It will protect your device from malicious codes and other malware that could corrupt your files and steal your personal information.


For Google Android One of the oldest but still popular anti-malware applications available. It was released in 2021 and continues to be updated and developed for current threats and new threats. This program offers real-time protection against malware attacks and works well with Google. It detects and removes Malware, Trojans, Hijackers, and other threats and is recommended to be used along with other anti-malware applications.


McAfee Mobile Security It is easy and simple to use. It works as an antivirus, anti spyware and will scan all incoming and outgoing emails to make sure they are safe. It also protects against phishing scams and identity theft. It can be run on PDA’s or mobile phones. This is a paid app but has a free version which is also highly effective. It is very useful when traveling.

Norton Mobile Security

This is one of the most complete anti-malware programs available. It offers protection from viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, malware, and all other threats. It works on almost all types of electronic devices and laptops. It can be downloaded straight to your device or you can get it installed on a PC first and then transfer the data to your phone.

AVG Mobile Security

This is one of the best anti-malware applications available. It protects against viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and all other threats. It works on all sizes of electronic devices and laptops. This is a freeware that is available in various languages. It is a subscription based program that costs $2.50 per month.