5 useful tips to know where to place your alarm plate


With the installation of our alarm at home , we will have a deterrent plate that we will have to place in the most convenient place in the house. But how can we know what that place is?

Today we will talk about the importance of placing these plates correctly and, also, we will give you a series of useful tips so that this issue does not cause you unnecessary headaches.

Why is it important to use a deterrent plate at home?

First of all, it is essential to clarify that the presence of a deterrent plate is a fundamental part of our alarm system. Why? Well, because it will be the first element that will alert thieves that our house is well protected .

If, in addition, the plate has the logo of a reputable company printed on it, as is the case with Movistar Prosegur Alarmas , it will become our best ally in keeping criminals away.

As you can see, the visual impact of our alarm sign is something to take into account . For this reason, placing it in the right place in the house is of the utmost importance.

5 tips to know where to place the alarm plate

We could give many tips so that your plate is installed in the right place. But, to make it easier, we are going to try to summarize it in 5 essential points. It’s time to get out paper and pencil.

  • Visible place and with enough light : the most important thing is that our plate looks good. To do this, it is recommended to place it in very bright places such as the entrance of the house, the terrace and the windows or glass.
  • Do not alter the aesthetics of the home : the security of our house is very important, but so is its aesthetics. So that it does not spoil it, it is ideal to place it in a straight and harmonic position. Keep in mind that, in addition, the installer must always have your approval.
  • The more, the better : it is not enough just to put a plate. In fact, it is best to place as many as there are facades or viewing areas in our home.
  • Height : one of the most important aspects to take into account when placing the alarm plate is its height. It is advisable to do it in a place that does not allow it to be sabotaged or easily damaged.
  • Always leave the plate installed : installing the plate is not a function of the user, but of the expert who takes care of it. Therefore, we have to make sure that it is always placed by specialists.
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