We have been changing for years in the world of digital marketing at breakneck speed . Since the pandemic began in 2000, the need for digitization has further increased the evolution of the digital world. 

Currently, the biggest headaches come from virtual reality, the Metaverse, NFTs, social network algorithms and the prospect of a world without cookies with which to identify potential customers in the vast virtual universe. 

It is because of all this evolution, and because of the changes that are yet to come, that you should know the marketing trends in 2022 and that they will (probably) continue in early 2023. 

This year 2022 is very important to have a good digital marketing strategy . Why? Simple… We find ourselves in a virtual world full of very similar products in which it is vital to show how different we are from the rest. 

Therefore, in order to differentiate ourselves from other companies similar to ours, we need to carry out a good SWOT analysis and create a unique strategy designed exclusively for our company.

The pandemic has prompted many businesses to enter the virtual world, and if the market was saturated before, it is much more so now. 

Conclusion: the more competition, the more we must differentiate ourselves.


Not that all platforms have decided that the world would be more interesting without tracking cookies, their disappearance is due to a change in legislation to protect people’s privacy. 


For this, and for the insistent request by many users to protect their privacy. Requests that both Google and Apple have taken into account. This is a great little job!

Meta (which we all know as Facebook) has been greatly affected by this new legislation, and if you campaign on their social networks, you will have noticed that the sizes of the public and audiences have been considerably reduced. 

Both Meta and Google are already investing their efforts in new alternatives, which we will see in the future how effective they are. 

The trend , therefore, is to collect first-hand data (those that we collect directly from the user through forms, surveys, webinars, etc.) and gradually create our strategy designed for a world without cookies. 


This should have been a maxim for years, but now that there is an oversaturation of business in the digital world, it becomes, if possible, even more important. 

We not only talk about quality in the content that we create for social networks, but also in the content that we create for our own website. Google is getting smarter and will take into account the authority of the domain where that content is located to give it more or less visibility. 

For example, if a website is full of quality content that users are looking for, Google will know that we are answering their questions, in such a way that our domain has more and more authority. 

In reality, it is something very similar to what happens on social networks. If the user interacts and stops at our content, the algorithm knows that it is relevant and gives us greater visibility, thus reaching a new audience. 

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Surely you have already heard about conversational marketing in recent months, and surely you have wondered what is this? The truth is that I have been recommending it for more than 5 years. 

It is a technique in which the user can establish direct communication with the company. This has the objective of having conversations in real time, personalized, close and human. 

Surely, on some occasion you have wanted to contact a business to solve a doubt or incident and it has been impossible to obtain an answer, or it has arrived days later. Well, conversational marketing tries to avoid this. It consists of offering the customer greater accessibility and much faster connections so that they do not feel abandoned during and after the purchase process. 

There are many options, although my favorite (if we can) is for a real person to be attentive to these incidents through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, live chats… 

There is a lot of talk about Chatbots (chat robots that we configure with specific answers), but be careful with them. They are great if they are well configured and we offer answers to the vast majority, but above all, if we offer the option of talking to a real person. Otherwise, the effect achieved could be the opposite of the desired one. 


I have been warning you for years, video is king, and in 2022 even more so. This format is prevailing over the rest of the options. 

Content strategies already use video as an essential part of them.

Surely all of you have in mind the famous TikTok videos, but you have to go much further: advertising, products, classes, etc. 

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Imagine that you are buying a piece of clothing, you are looking at the photographs of that product and it is fine, but you would love to see how that fabric moves when you walk, how that garment actually feels… come on! if you have a video of the same girl in the photo walking and moving with the garment. Exact! your purchase decision driven by a video. 

Nowadays we are used to seeing movement on our screens and it is what we like. We stop 53 times more in a video than in a photograph. Generating good video content is almost guaranteed success (if it is accompanied by a good strategy, obviously)


The presentation of the Metaverse by Facebook has revolutionized the whole world, although this parallel universe is not yet a 100% reality. 

Metaverse is a virtual reality for which we will need new devices such as augmented reality glasses to interact with other users. You will have your own avatar that will be the one that interacts with the rest of the avatars. 

It is a second reality in which we will do the same as in the real world but without leaving home: go to work, meet friends, be with a partner, you can even play sports. But most importantly, in that universe you can sell your products or services. A new door opens here. 

It is very important to be vigilant in the coming months to see how it evolves and, above all, how fast it does so. In this world, NFTs will be very relevant (which I will tell you about in detail in another article).