5 Common SEO Mistakes: How to Avoid Them


There are a number of mistakes that are made in SEO, and it’s important to know how to avoid them. In this article, I’m going to list some of the most common SEO mistakes that are committed by people. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know how to avoid some of the most common mistakes on the web. Let’s get started!

Poor Link Research:

One of the most important things that search engines do is check to see if websites link to each other. If two sites are linking to each other, there is a good chance that they have each done a good job on their website. If two sites can’t be found within a few months of each other, this could mean trouble. The keyword density can also be an issue.

Invisible Text Linking:

The problem with invisible text links isn’t so much that they are ineffective, but more that they are extremely hard to read. You should never have invisible text links in your content because they are just asking for Google to spider everything. If your content is too dense, or you use keywords too much, this will make the search engines think your site is not worthy of their attention. In the end, this can hurt your ranking. This is one mistake that many beginners make.

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Misspelled Keywords:

Another big mistake that newbie’s make is using misspelled keywords on their website. Yes, there are a lot of spelling errors that are made when people are typing words into the search engine. However, you shouldn’t include any spelling errors in your title or meta tags. It’s OK to use a couple of misspelled words in your titles if they relate to the site, but never in the body of the text. Even though Google won’t actually see these misspelled words, other robots will and they are what will determine your ranking.

Not Using the Proper Meta Tags:

Even though meta tags are very helpful when it comes to SEO, many webmasters still don’t bother using them. This is terrible because they are the best way to tell Google what keywords you are going after. This is also the reason why many of your competitors are ranking well in the search engines. When webmasters skip this step, they basically give Google the green light to rank their site anywhere they want. Therefore, it’s really important that you include them with every post, article, and page on your website.

Not Adding URL’s to the Bottom of the Site:

Often, this is another big mistake that newbies make. If you’re trying to optimize your site for the search engines, then you need to include your keyword in your title and in your bottom of your content. You also need to put a leading keyword in your URL’s. Webmasters that don’t do this will have their site listed with a ” crawl score ” of 0. If Google sees this, they won’t even consider you as a potential candidate for indexing.

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Incorrect Number of Links:

You don’t want to overdo your links, however. Google does an amazing job of gauging how many links are out there pointing to your site. This number is also known as the “dofollow” link ratio. This tells Google how often your site is linked throughout the Internet.

These are some of the most common SEO mistakes that you can make. They can get you listed in the search engines, but if you don’t do them correctly, they can hurt your rankings. Don’t be one of these people. Do your due diligence and find the best SEO company to meet your needs today.