25 tips for link building

link building

Creating a link takes time, effort and it is a great help to know some tips for link building.

In 2020, link building still plays an important role as a ranking factor for search engines.

They see backlinks as a “vote” for the authenticity and authority of your website, but certain links are better than others.

The no-follow links changed recently and now Google treats them as a hint.

These 25 link building tips will help you acquire high-quality links and conserve your SEO budget.

1. The role of anchor text

The first of the link building tips is to include links to your website with keyword-rich anchor texts, whenever possible.

Make sure the landing page is optimized for the keyword used in the anchor text, to create a stronger signal for search engines.

2. The linkbaiting and Quora

Linkbaiting is a “passive” practice that seeks to obtain as many inbound links as possible to a website.

It is made from the creation of content of high quality, interest and / or relevance.

Focus on answering specific questions related to your niche on Quora.

Include an infographic, blog post, or other high-quality content linked from a highly detailed answer on Quora.

It will probably indirectly result in you being cited on other websites, which creates links to yours.

3. Most of the links are placed editorially

The most effective backlinks are the ones you place in the text of an article.

The third of the tips for link building is to dedicate yourself to creating these types of links.

Footer links, comments (if approved), and sidebar links do not provide a very strong ranking signal.

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4. Work with your partners to acquire links

Work with your business partners to create links that point to your website.

For example, if you are a wholesaler of a particular product, ask your manufacturer to provide you with a link.

A logo with the alt attribute that links to a page on your website is only as good as a text link and is not spam .

5. Tips for link building: use infographics

Making infographics is a great way to conserve your budget and one of the tips for link building.

Reuse it frequently in your link building campaigns, and post it on Pinterest and Quora.

6. Use Google’s new link attributes where appropriate

Use the rel = »sponsored» attribute to help search engines identify which links are part of an advertising action.

Use rel = »ugc» for user-created content on your website, such as in a blog comment or forum.

Continue to use rel = »nofollow» to link to other websites, without conveying authority to them.

Google hasn’t identified how and when it will treat the nofollow attribute as a clue to search engines.

7. A good backlink depends on good content

When creating your links, one of the main tips for link building is to always keep the “Remember the human” rule in mind.

Make sure to link content related to your website and pay attention to web usability, content and its usefulness to the user.

8. Check your link building service

Many link building services have created PBNs (private blogging networks) to publish large amounts of automated content on these networks.

One of the 25 tips for link building is to ask them for examples of previous work.

If they don’t provide you with good examples, it’s probably not the right service for your website (don’t run the risk of receiving a penalty).

9. Do your link building “at home”

Your team is the one who best knows your audience and the content they like.

Disclosure of your staff will give you a better result, compared to automated tools that use link building services.

10. Tips for Link Building: Understand Google Updates

Read and understand all Google updates related to link building.

To date, Panda is still the most important.

Understanding how Google indexes the web helps you understand how links work.

11. Check your website pages

One of the tips for link building is to search your website for 404 errors and avoid creating redirects to non-equivalent pages.

This only causes a loss in the ranking power of your backlinks.

Also look for broken links on the websites you want to link to.

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Contact the webmaster if their content is suitable and the link adds value to your website.

12. Get links from real websites

There are two types of websites: those that people use and those that exist solely to link to websites.

One of the main tips for link building is to make sure you link your website to the ones that humans use.

If it’s a directory, check that it has ranking keywords and a good amount of traffic.

13. Avoid off-topic links

Off-topic links are those that do not relate to your URL and do not provide you any benefit.

14. Avoid reciprocal links

Reciprocal links occur when a website links to yours and vice versa.

These types of links, in addition to being of lower quality, can give you a direct penalty from the search engine.

15. Tips for link building: handle toxic links

Routinely audit your links with a tool like SEMrush or Moz to determine which ones may be toxic.

Reject all unnatural links, those with a manual penalty or if you know of toxic links pointing to your website.

Pages “stuffed” with keywords linked to websites, with unnatural language or poor grammar, are a sign of potentially harmful links.

16. Support your link profile with good content

Too many pages on a website result in content overlap, which can lead to keyword cannibalization.

One of the top 25 link building tips is to have a limited number of pages with high-quality content.

Doing so better ranks your website on Google.

17. Include only the necessary content

A website with pages that do not provide relevant information to users or without links, does not rank.

Create pages and articles on your blog with content that covers all aspects of your business. Then link them to these.

18. Do not consider the links in social networks

Links on Facebook and Twitter do not count as backlinks because they are not displayed in the Links report in Search Console.

Although Pinterest and Reddit do appear in this report, they are not high-quality links and you need a lot of them to affect your search engine ranking.

One of the best tips for link building is to share your content on social networks.

If people like you, they can link to your website from theirs.

19. Track your links
SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic regularly scan the Internet for new links, but they don’t keep track of all of them.

The link report in Google Search Console is the most accurate to keep track of all your links.

20. Tips for link building: create backlinks on your new website

Research your keywords and create the pages or categories according to the products or services that your company offers.

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Make sure your URL slugs include your keyword and optimize your title tags, meta descriptions, and page text.

Once you’ve done that, start creating high-quality links to your website.

21. Don’t overdo the links

Don’t establish a large number of links.

One of the best link building tips is to focus on quality and manual reach.

Many SEO tools have automated link building tools, but avoid using them.

Many automation programs tend to spam .

22. Know the Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority and Page Authority are numbers that predict the ability of a website or page to rank on Google.

For example, a website with a DA of 15 is starting to rank on Google.

If the DA is in the 20-30 range, it will rank on Google with many different keywords.

DA is a long-term metric that does not change quickly or easily and is not the only ranking factor.

Link quality is the most important factor in determining whether a page ranks or not.

23. How long does it take Google to find a link?

Depends. Google can find a link within days of its creation on ‘active’ websites with a large amount of traffic.

On “younger” websites, it can take a month or more to find a link to your website.

24. How much time / effort / money to invest in link building

There is no single answer to this question.

A link building service can charge $ 1,500 per month or more, and it takes time and effort.

One of the most valuable link building tips is to integrate your efforts with a long-term search engine marketing plan.

25. Tips for link building: link building is not obsolete

Like SEO, link building is always “changing”, but it is definitely not outdated.

According to Moz, links to your domain and to your website pages are the two most important factors in ranking your website.

In addition to these 25 link building tips, always keep in mind that quality links help you perform better in search engines.

Create good content on your website and make sure your content pages are safe and accessible to both people and search engines.

Doing so helps you achieve and maintain good link placement.

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