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123 movies

123 movies From Major Torrent and alternatives after its closure, the world of free streaming websites has lights and shadows alike: many defend it, although its role against copyright implies complications, even legal. 123 movies , which until now had been one of the best alternatives to watch movies and series on the Internet, is no longer going.

As its name indicates, similar to PELISPEDIA , 123 movies a portal with free content and of very good quality, as useful and easy to use as who counts 1, 2, 3. But unlike numbers, the duration of the portals Free streaming is usually finite and, in fact, quite short.3

123 movies alternatives

It is not surprising that as of today, 123 movies stopped operating and it is not strange that users do not whine anymore after these cancellations, since it is becoming easier to find viable alternatives. As part of our service to overcome the obstacles that life offers you, we leave you some alternatives to cover the foreseeable, but painful absence of 123 movies

Cuevana 2


Cuevana 2

No matter when you read this, Cuevana is one of the best, if not the best, site to watch streaming movies and series all over the web and the best alternative to 123 movies. As is, leaving no room for doubts or assumptions. Although this is the least of its virtues, the page has a friendly and simple design, which allows you to locate everything, almost without having to click. The premieres, the most recent, have a privileged place, but if you are looking for something not so in vogue, do not worry, searching and finding is quite easy.

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But what really separates Cuevana from the rest of the free streaming pages is its total lack of advertising, ads, banners and all that kind of plagues that come to torment us when we want to relax with a good movie in front of the computer. This must be repeated: It does not contain advertising. Zero, laugh , none , nothing. Therefore, with just a couple of clicks you will already be enjoying the content you want. “Bah, but surely it has a miserable catalog”, the incredulous will think, but Cuevana has movies, between premieres and classics, to see for years. All in their original language and with a quality of whore. Not only is it one of the best alternatives to 123 , it is the host.

Among the streaming pages for movies and series, DosPelis.net is one of the newest (although it is likely that, in the time you take to read this note, there are already 500, 1,000, 4,000 new pages). But not for being newer, it is less good than the rest. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable on our list of 123 movies alternatives .

Whether you enjoy the classics of modern cinema or you sign up to see what has just been released, DosPelis is going to enchant you. Similar to Cuevana or SeriesDanko , their titles are ordered at the TOC level, nothing is out of its right place, premieres, Marvel movies, classics, animation and even erotic (erotic, eh, don’t get excited … for porn we have others sites) … all very well organized alphabetically, chronologically or by gender.

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But what differentiates this from other streaming websites such as GNULA for example is the option to request movies and series, which are not in the catalog. DosPelis also allows you to download content via P2P. Its weak point is that some films or series episodes, especially the most recent ones, are susceptible to being removed from the servers that DosPelis feeds on. But do not despair, that this alternative to Pelis123 does not rest on its laurels and, if you do not get that premiere you are looking for, wait a bit, that in a matter of hours you will be able to enjoy it.


Another good alternative, with excellent content and good quality
Pelispedia24 is one of the most popular among streaming junkies and although it was blocked earlier this year, the old Pelispedia, has returned with a new domain and the same quality as always. This option to offers varied and high quality content, although very little in the original language.

If this language is an advantage or an aberration, we leave that debate to the rock throughout the Internet. Although it is an excellent alternative to 123 moviesusers of Pelispedia24 as well as many of these websites will have a problem with invasive advertising that will test their patience and strength in the face of adversity.

Although it is something classic of the vast majority of free streaming portals, it is no less true that each click wasted on advertising takes years of life from its victims. We pray for them because they are an interesting option to watch movies online for free.

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The successor of Pordede and Plusdede , it is renewed with fewer ads and higher quality, which was already very high. For the usual suspects in the world of free streaming, there isn’t much to say about Megadede. What does need to be clarified is that Megadede, as we knew it, has closed and in its place has emerged megadede.one , a site that no longer needs to enter a username or password that you always used from Pordede and Plusdede.

We do not know if it is the same developers of the original Megadede , but as in the case of gnula.me (who took advantage of the fall of gnula.nu to make the name), really nobody is going to put themselves in a plan of solidarity and fidelity to brand when imposter content is so cool. If alternatives to 123 movies, this is a very good one.