11 Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails that Look Fabulous

YouTube Thumbnails
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Choosing the right fonts can really help make your YouTube videos look amazing. If you use a font that is hard to read or that looks off-putting, viewers will more than likely click away from your page before ever settling in to watch your video. It’s important to pick out fonts that are simple and have a distinctive feel. Here are 11 of the best fonts for YouTube Thumbs that looks fabulously great on any webpage or in your YouTube thumbnail.

A serif typeface will always look sharp and crisp, even when it’s next to something that is written or drawn in a thick calligraphy style. The Megaputer font family is perfect for anything from buttons to badges and even handles. A dark version of this font is also great in a background for images and photos. If you’re going for a darker Gothic look, the Gothic Accent is a fantastic option.

If you need an elegant style, the Bodiment font family will do the trick! Very easy to read, this font is perfect for anything you put up on your website, including your buttons and links. It will make your text look slick and professional. It’s also great if you need to add extra space between words.

This font family is always a favorite among web designers. If you use it sparingly, you can be really creative with how it fits into your design. The Georgia Insulator font is especially nice if you need a little more space between words. Try using it with quotes or maybe a line of dialogue! It will give you just the effect you want!

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If you’re not a fan of the Times New Roman or the Avenir font, try Arial. Both of these types have a very vintage feel and look. It’s perfect for adding a little bit of vintage flair to your site. If you’re more of a casual designer, these fonts will work well with your style.

If you need something a bit more formal, try Dreamer. It has a very crisp, clean look that is perfect for any professional website or in business letters. The only issue with this font is that it’s not the most convenient to read for some people. If you have trouble reading a lot of text, this could really hinder your progress with your project.

Last but not least, it’s time for Helvetica! If you have never seen the font, it’s very different from most of the others we’ve looked at. Instead of being a smooth, continuous stroke, each character is made out of multiple lines. It’s much harder to read and can be harder to produce certain effects with textured images. However, if you have enough knowledge and experience with various software, it can be a great option.

These are the fonts you should use if you want to create some pretty standard clip art. You can use most of the common types, but you might find it useful to learn a new one or two. Even if you aren’t planning on creating websites, many of these fonts can still look nice in your email signature, on your navigation bar, and anywhere else you want to customize your design. The best part is that there are so many different ones to choose from! It won’t take you long to find the perfect one for your purposes!

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In terms of size, there is a whole list of things you can do with this font, too. For example, you can use this to make headings big, or even use a larger font in a smaller body of text. It can also be used for headers on your e-mails, as well as any buttons or commands you want used in a lot of different places on your site. Don’t worry so much about making things look neat, though. As long as it works with your existing layout, you’re fine! Just make sure to keep your clip art files sized appropriately, otherwise your page will look strange and be unproductive.

Don’t forget, though, that while you can choose from so many different fonts for YouTube clip art, you can’t rely solely on one. When doing design for an online audience, it’s important to keep a variety of looks in your arsenal. The problem is that when someone types in your font, they may not have all of the letters available! So, try to think of alternate fonts that can give your design an alternate appearance. Your viewers will appreciate this, and it can be a great way to break your theme up a bit.

Finally, keep in mind that even if the font you choose for your clip art is one of the best fonts for YouTube, other elements of your website could benefit from it as well. For example, a background can change the whole meaning of your graphics, so make sure that you use one on all of your graphics. The same thing can be true for your buttons. Make sure that your button styles compliment the font that you have chosen. Also, do your best to include images that will make your graphics pop.

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